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10 Success Tips Learned By Watching The NBA

In addition to being a player, I have associated with the game for more than 30 years and after watching the NBA Finals last night I got to wondering what lessons from The NBA could be applied to everyday life.  While my mind was racing, subconsciously I had already formulated an answer. The more I thought about it, the more my perspective displayed itself.   Let’s think about it,  when a man and woman are in a personal relationship, they are in essence a team.  And usually at work we depend on others to get things done, also a team. The recurring theme here is teamwork!

Basketball taught me many principles that will make for lots of success in life, yet I must admit that I don’t utilize them all to my fullest abilities. So this article is just as much to for me as for our readers. I have taken up the challenge to improve on all of these points and I encourage you to do the same. Without further delay, here are some success tips that can be applied to answers:


  1. Success does not come overnight, hard work, diligence and patience are strong components
  2. Having talent alone will not guarantee success, one must be part of  a cohesive, well formulated team
  3. Every member on a team should  know their role and operate at optimum performance level at all times
  4. Experience plays a major role in our success.  If we fail, we must learn from our mistakes, regroup and come back stronger and smarter the next time
  5. A strong and effective leader has to know how to rally the troops. While pep talks and encouragement work, the team must also have ABSOLUTE faith in their leader
  6. Sharing a common goal makes the team more focused on achievement
  7. Put in the work first so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor later. Great things can happen when no one cares who gets the credit
  8. No man/ woman is an island. Successes and failures impact not only the team, but anyone connected to the team
  9. Too much pressure will only render short term success, and long term burn out
  10. Give 100% every time

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Richard 'BigRich' Evans

Richard 'BigRich' Evans

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