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12 Smoking Hot Athletes To Watch At The Summer Olympics [PHOTOS]

We are 10 days out from the 2012 Olympic Games set to take place in London on July 27th, and I can hardly wait!  My excitement started to build back in May, but to my surprise I was hard pressed to find decent info on the Olympic Trials and there was next to no buzz about the Olympic Hopefuls.  So I was finally appeased when the Trials started a few weeks ago.

I couldn’t help but notice how many newbees are in rotation this time, that might be a good thing for Team USA, especially when I got a glimpse at the hot new hard bodies that also happened to be gushing with talent and drive.  YES, I’m VERY happy to have lots of eye candy to go with my toe tingling, nail biting and shrills of excitement during this year’s games.  So let me tell you a FEW of those folks that got my heart pumping (yep, 12 is a few when it comes to this topic).  With dozens of athletes entering the Olympics, I’m sure I missed a few hotties, so feel free to share your favs with me.  Also be warned I chose my list not just based on the athletes physical appearances, but also because I believe these are the Olympians that will heat up the screen and give us lots of smoking hot moments.

1.) Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Douglas [bio twitter facebook]

2.) Cullen Jones [biotwitter facebook]

3.) Lolo Jones [bio twitter facebook]

4.) Michael Hunter – [bio]

5.) Hyleas Fountain – [bio twitter facebook]

6.) John Orozco – [bio twitter facebook]

7.) Venus Williams – [bio twitter facebook]  &  Serena Williams – [bio twitter facebook]

8.) Tyson Gay – [bio twitter facebook]

9.) Allyson Felix – [bio twitter facebook]
10.) Justin Gatlin – [bio twitter facebook]
11.) Lia Neal – [bio twitter facebook]
12.) Ryan Bailey – [bio – facebook]

I narrowed the list down as far as possible, but I still have a few more hot tot-ties floating around in my head.  Here are a few honorable mentions below.

 Aries Merritt – [bio twitter facebook]  / Jason Richardson – [bio twitter facebook]   /

Jeffrey Porter – [bio twitter facebook]


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