2 Olympic Sized Man-Law Violations From This Weekend

If you are like half of the world, you spent this past weekend glued to your TV watching the 2012 Olympic Games in London.  There were many many exciting moments: the historic completion of Michael Phelps’ Olympic medal collection and the epic re-crowning of the Jamaican King and Queen of speed of Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser Price!  But there were also a couple of  “WTH” moments that I can’t seem to shake.  Man-law violations no less, ones that would certainly make many men question their testosterone levels.


There I was watching the final swim Michael Phelps, marveling at the most decorated Olympian of all time, when the camera panned over to Kobe Bryant.  At first I was enamored at the site of him holding his simply adorable daughter, I looked up to catch the expression on his face and that’s when I saw it.  A damn leopard skin iPhone cover!!  WTH!!  I tried to ignore it, but I will be doggone if the camera didn’t keep coming back to Kobe repeatedly.  And there it was, a perfect Olympic moment ruined… by Kobe’s stylishly obvious iPhone.  Did I mention that the dang cover was the very modern GRAY leopard print??!! It left me wondering if there were some matching ‘red bottoms’ near by (not necessarily his though).  I CERTAINLY don’t think Kobe’s sexuality is in question here, only his judgement!  On the flip side, I really really hope he got some GREAT footage!!

VIOLATION #2 – THE TOSS UP (Ato Bolden/ LaShawn Merritt)

So I don’t know if  which one of these guys are in violation here, maybe they both are!  I was sitting in my favorite lounge chair watching the preliminary rounds of the men’s 400-meter. I felt myself drifting off to sleep when I heard Ato Bolden introduce ‘Defending Olympic Champion Gold Medalist LaShawn Merritt”.  I peeked one eye open to see Merritt prancing on the screen. Ato was going on and on about Merritt’s suspension from the sport for use of a banned steroid substance…then it happened.   “The steriods were in an over-the-counter MALE enhancement pill that Merritt had taken”.  Wait – – WHAT??!! I hit rewind button on my trusty DVR to see if I had heard it correctly… yep I did.  So I’m not sure who is worse, Merritt for attempting said enhancement or Bolden for putting it on blast.  Either way, there has to SOME kind of law against this.  The facial expressions on these photos tell it all.

So here we are at the Olympics where manly-men come to leave it all on the field, and it seems a few guys forgot hoist up their…luggage (LOL).  Go figure!

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