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4 Marriage Lessons from Inspirational Couples

It’s always inspiring to see couples that seem to have the secret to staying happily married. Many of us privately wonder what the secret is.  Here are some great lessons a few couples have shared.

1. Communication and Compromise Are Key

“The hardest part of being a partner in a marriage is the need for communication and compromise on a daily basis,” says celebrity interior designer Robin Wilson who found true love at 40. “And, even though we don’t want to admit it, we are often set in our ways. We make it work because we are committed to each other and share our love in action and words.”

2. Stay Connected

“It’s simple,” says comedian Bill Bellamy, who has been happily married (in Hollywood!) for 11 years. “Do things that keep you connected. I have to make time for my family. They are more important than my career because they give me the things that are invaluable that I could never have without them. I never thought that would happen to me because I always thought my career was everything. I was wrong.”

3. Always Leave Each Other Happy

“Really enjoy the moments that you have together,” says Olympic gold medalist Sanya Richards-Ross on her marriage to NFL star Aaron Ross. “For Ross and I, whenever we spend time together we really never fight because we know we’re not going to have that moment often. Try to really enjoy those moments when you have them. Don’t fight about silly things. Don’t leave each other mad. Whatever issues you have, fix them and make up. Always leave each other happy, no matter what. Think about the experiences you had together.”

4. Celebrate Who You Are!

“The key is allowing your partner to be who they are and not having expectations that really have nothing to do with the person you married, says Tony award-winning producer and Broadway, TV and film actress Tamara Tunie, who has been married to jazz musician Gregory Generet for 17 years. “We have great respect for each other’s talents and abilities, wherever they may lie. We celebrate who each other is and we’re supportive of each other in our careers.”

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