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4 Things You SHOULDN’T Consider When Choosing A Mate

Love is an uncontrollable feeling that overwhelms your mental stability. When people fall in love whether it be with another person, an animal, or a material item, your body gets weak, you have jitters, and your mind is completely consumed on that one thing or one person. Love has no boundaries, race, sex, size, etc. So therefore when you fall in love it shouldn’t matter what that person looks like, you just love them for who they are, how they compliment and complete you. If that’s love, them why do people put so much emphasis on WHY they should marry a person based on social status, race, financial status, size, and even physical attributes.

Have you ever been out and saw a couple that in your eyes (and probably the eyes of many others) just didn’t match physically? They have the right idea!! Screw what we may think; they may complement each other so well in other areas that the physical didn’t matter. The older, well more mature you become, you find that you’re attracted to a person for things other than physical appearance. Your body temperature and natural juices may begin to flow when you see a man reading “10 Ways to Increase Your Credit Score”, or fellas your nature begins to rise when you meet a woman who owns her own business and is passionate about becoming a millionaire before 35. Mental stimulation outweighs a physical attraction 20:1! That’s why when you are annoyed by someone it’s physically impossible to have an orgasm. So always expand your intelligence, maintain ambition and drive to always be moving forward, and find something that you are passionate about and you will be surprised the person you attract that you make a mental connection with.

I was also recently told that women of races other than African American cause 75% less grief to their mate. Hmmmm really?? I couldn’t help but think “Clearly this person hasn’t seen a recent episode of Snapped!”. “Grief” will come at some point in every relationship. If there is NO grief, then you have found the weakest person on the planet. Congrats! I say that to say, dating outside your race shouldn’t be because you’re running from a strong African American woman, it should be because you love that person for who they are.

So Here Are The 4 Things You SHOULDN’T Consider When Choosing A Mate

1) COMPLEXION:  She/He has light skin. Huh? Like really? The racist mindset that black people have within the black community is outrageous and embarrassing. Just because your favorite rapper said..nevermind. If you find yourself dating because of someones skin tone, maybe you shouldnt be dating. *shrug* Just a thought.

2) BODY TYPE:  “She has a fat ass” or “He has a nice body” : Although the physical attraction is what may have initially made you look his/her way, this should not be a determining factor on why you should date them. Look for substance in your mate.

3) FINANCES: Yes we all want stability in our mate, however, when that person falls on hard times or the six figure job goes bankrupt…does your mate have the ambition and drive to get back on their feet to dig themselves out of a hardship? Look at their passion and work ethics instead of their bank statement.

4) SOCIAL STATUS : Remind me again how old we are? You thinking you won because you date a guy/girl that knows a lot of people? The problem with this reason is, although it may make you feel like you got it when your out in public with your Mr./Ms. Popular, how do you feel behind closed doors when you realize you have nothing in common with them?

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Natasha Warren

Natasha Warren

Although Natasha Warren has many talents, there is one PASSION that has been carved in her soul since a young child, and that’s writing. Her work reflects her spunky personality, blunt opinion, her broad intellect, and overall love for life.