4 Things You Should NEVER Say to Your Man

Your man needs you.  After a long day of work, he needs you to listen. When he is unsure of the next move to make, he looks to you for sound advice. And, when he doesn’t feel like he is on his A+ game, he needs you to be his biggest fan. If he can’t let his guard down and be transparent in front of any other human being, he should be able to remove his masks in front of YOU. And, what you give to him should be reciprocated back to you.

Honesty and transparency are great in relationships. But, being in a relationship is not an open invitation to say whatever you want to say.

Here are 4 Things You Should NEVER Say to Your Man:

1)      “I can’t depend on you to ….”

This statement immediately sets a negative tone for a conversation. In this situation, phrasing is the key to getting your point across in a non-accusatory way. Instead of saying “I can’t depend on you to cook dinner when I am tired” try “When I am tired, I need your help with cooking dinner.”

2)      “I’ll just do it myself”

Both men and women want to feel needed in a relationship. But, for most men, they associate their manhood with providing solutions to problem. When you boldly claim that you will do it yourself, you are making him feel like his best is never good enough for you.

3)      “You are acting like my ex”

This is obvious. It is extremely insulting for you to compare him to your ex. If this is your way of “getting back at him” during a disagreement, you will soon be his ex.

4)      “You are (insert insult here)”

If you are over the age of 8, you are too old for name-calling.

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Tai'sha Gooden

Tai'sha Gooden

Tai'sha Gooden is a twentysomething dreamer, blogger, writer, music lover, poet, mom, and wife. She has a passion for encouraging others to emotionally, physically, and mentally nourish their bodies and spirits.