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5 Steps To Break Up With An Angry, Insecure Man

If you have ever been in a situation where you wanted to break it off with a man who is angry and insecure, you know how hard it can be.  You might be in that situation right now.  Women often wonder how they found themselves in a relationship with a guy like him in the first place.  He impressed your friends and family, he made you feel like you were on top of the world. He treated you like a princess and it all changed one day.  He became a stranger.  You saw his insecurities, anger, frustration and lack of patience and soon you realized he had a darker side than you could have ever imagined. He may have even battled with addictions. What do you do then? How do you break up with him without worrying if he is going to get revenge on you?

This is one of the most difficult situations that a woman can face.  Breaking up with someone that has lost all common sense can be tough or even terrifying.  There is an old saying, “if you find your hand stuck in a lion’s mouth, don’t yank it out – you ease it out.”  Whoever shared that knowledge either witnessed the bloody aftermath or saw the success of someone pulling his hand back to safety that there was no question which option you should choose.

Weaning him off of you is the only way to handle situations like this.  If you notice that your partner starts displaying abusive tendencies then it is time to do something, but acting fast is not the way to go.  So, here are some tips to wean off a potentially dangerous partner:

  1. 1. Don’t allow yourself to get into an argument with him: He will blow up, and then calm down and apologize – pretending that everything is normal (even though you know there is trouble ahead).
  2. 2. Don’t answer every call: Weaning someone off can be difficult especially if he continues to disrupt you by calling repeatedly.
  3. 3. Make other people that you both know aware of his erratic behavior.  A man will be less likely to act out on his anger if he knows that other people are watching him closely.
  4. 4. Be consistent with your words!: This is probably the most important rule! Don’t tell him you don’t want to deal with him, then let him back in your life because you are lonely.  This is the biggest mistake that most women make dealing with an abuse man.  He won’t believe that you are serious about not wanting to be with him anymore if you keep playing games with him.
  5. 5. Don’t put a restraining order on him right away:  This may have the same effect of yanking the hand out of the lion’s mouth, causing him to snap even faster.  A restraining order is best if all else has failed.

If you are trying to break up with a man who is not mentally stable, you must take the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe.  You don’t know what he will do next l be so it is important to anticipate his next move.  Protecting yourself is first and foremost, be consistent in your words and your actions, and if that fails, contact authorities and his family.   They may be able to talk him down from his anger and he will be less likely to react if he knows that they are involved.   Everyone has to deal with a difficult breakup at least once in life.  However, how you handle your breakup with someone who shows signs of mental instability is what will keep you from starring on the next episode of “Snapped.”

And That’s The Bottom Line

-Emma J.

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Emma J. Wallace

Emma J. Wallace

Known for her ability to use her keen intuition, compassion, and understanding Emma J. Wallace has a bottom line approach that people value when it comes to giving honest advice. She wastes no time helping those who have lost hope when it comes to love. As a Life and Relationship Coach, Emma is experienced in getting to the root of the issue no matter what capacity she is working in.