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6 Tips To Help You Get So Fresh And So Clean For Love

Love is in the air and everyone seems to be waiting around for Cupid to shoot his arrow their way, but the dilemma is the love doesn’t seem to last! Yes everyone is longing for that feeling of wholeness, completion and security combined to make one solid emotion…Love! The question is, are they really ready for it? I found myself looking for love before it was time and my heart got bruised. That bruise not only affected me, it affected those that I would come in contact with along my journey. Displaying characteristics of what I thought was love, finding out in the end that they were only snippets of lust in which were not strong enough to make up the real ingredients of love. Had I known what I have been so blessed to experience now, I would have prepared my life more for real love!

Why preparation you ask? Anything you plan on welcoming into your world permanently will need the proper preparation. Let’s say you were bringing a new baby home, you definitely have to prepare your mind and home for that; or say you had new furniture coming in, you would arrange your household according to the furniture with hopes it will blend in with what you already have. That’s sort of how love is. You heard Keith Sweat, “Make it Last Forever”, and in order for that to be you have to clean house within yourself. Initiate a self-discovery by ridding yourself of all bondage caused by your snippets of lust and literally have a clear heart. Now this doesn’t happen overnight, this may take months, years even, depending on how much you have endured along your journey.

  1. First, make a list of all the things you felt hindered your past relationships. This way you will have a visual of what you need to work on to make this new love better!
  2.  Learn to take ownership! Take ownership of what it is you did to hurt the relationship as well as your mate. Remember, the blame game only makes you weak, the first step to strengthening yourself is to admit to your fault and actually do something about it.
  3. Find peace within yourself! When you are at peace and have order in your life, it allows you to think with a clear mind and to make wise decisions for your future.
  4. Build yourself up to your own standards and beyond. We always say, “Oh I want a man/woman that offers this”, or “I’m not settling for less than that”, how can you demand more than what you can offer?
  5. Put time into yourself but don’t lose yourself in time. Meaning there is nothing wrong with having a past, live a little and learn yourself so that way it makes it easier to know what you will and will not except in a person. Now don’t get to the point of being so into yourself and your self-discovery that you don’t allow other people to enter and or appreciate what you have accomplished.
  6. Lastly but most importantly is learning how to love someone the way they want to be loved. People show love the way they would like to be loved and one great way of finding out is to pay attention to your mate. While dating ask questions and actually listen to the responses, don’t just take what you want from the response but actually listen to what they have to say. Take note of their body language when they talk about certain subjects. That gives you an idea of what makes them uncomfortable and what their comfort zone is.

Remember, while completing this self-discovery, try not to look at it as time wasted, look at it as time consumed. This “time”, if used wisely may be to thank for your lifetime worth of true love! Now you are officially So Fresh & So Clean for Love!


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Bianca Lynette

Bianca Lynette

Bianca is a poet, inspirational writer, mother, fiancee and encouraging spirit. Her passion is encouraging and inspiring others with her writings, positive words and affirmations to show them that there is hope for tomorrow.