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A Case of the Mundane Relationship (pt.2)

What did you and your boo do this week that interrupted the monotony of your relationship? Here are some ideas for adding some sparkle to your social love-life during the week. Of course these activities don’t have to occur every day, or every week for that matter, but I challenge you to step outside of your predictable routine and create a relationship that has an added glow of spontaneity.

1. Cinema Night. Even though Carrie was against the black and white movies, an impromptu movie night is always “a go” to kick off a relaxing evening. This classic “date” night can create a mood of intimacy which can be easily overlooked during the week. Dim the lights, grab your favorite snacks, checkout a movie from your local Redbox, and spend the night cuddled up on your couch with your special someone.

2. Laughter for the Soul. Although normally late in the evening, visiting a comedy show during the week will definitely release boredom and create soul-stirring laughter. They say that laughter is the best medicine, so take a dose and feel the effects of a good punch-line. Most comedy shows offer complimentary admission. Find your local comedy club in your city and laugh your relationship to a shining state.

3. Fun Night. Pool, bowling, paintball fighting, skating, or visiting an arcade game room are some fun ways to spark up your relationship. After a long day at work, change into your play-clothes in anticipation of becoming a kid again. Challenge each other in a friendly round or two where winner takes all. Get creative with deciding what the prize will be. Throwing a “fun night” curve ball in your week will definitely add some glitter to your relationship.

4. Support Live Music. I absolutely love hearing the sultry sounds from a live R&B/Jazz band. Live bands, regardless of the genre of music, speak a conversation with or without lyrics. The atmosphere invites anyone to vibe, two-step, or simply ignite a little flirt between the two of you. Check out some local clubs, sports bars, or bistros to see what bands are playing in your neck of the woods.

5. Date Night. Is there a new restaurant/lounge in your town? Why wait until Friday? Get the weekend started during the week by making reservations for two.  Ladies, get sexy in your freakum dress and heels and gentlemen put on a tie or cardigan for a romantic evening of wine & dine. Treat the night as if it’s your first date and really enjoy each other’s company. Spend the evening staring into each other’s eyes or playing footsie under the table. Present a long-stem rose or another small token of love to one another. Make a toast and date the night away.

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Lakia Brandenburg

Lakia Brandenburg

Lakia is an accomplished writer and educator with a heart for love and relationships. She's written for Gospel Today and has freelanced for top national magazines such as Upscale. Creating a happily ever after story to be your reality.