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An Awakened Mindset

If you haven’t been watching lately, you may not know that Black love and Black relationships are supposed to be in an overall state of decline. If you have been watching, you already know that Black love and relationships aren’t the only things in decline. The deterioration of the family structure, loosened social standards, lack of compassion, respect and concern for others, changing racial demographics, etc.. In fact, if you were to simply watch the news or read internet headlines, you would swear that Black relationships are the types of things that you can only find in museums. However, we know better. We know that our love still exists and in many places is flourishing. Unfortunately, you oftentimes cannot see the positive because of all the negative.


My goal as a blogger here at Blackloveforum has always been to celebrate Black love and Black relationships. However what I’ve come to realize is that there is so much more that I could be doing. I’ve not gone far enough to stimulate conversation. I haven’t truly awakened your conscious. I came up short in motivating you to be better at the very things that this site is here for-love and relationships.

In the coming days and weeks you will see me talk on topics that will  touch on pretty much every part of relationships. Some of these blogs will be controversial. Some may be funny. Others will simply cut straight to the chase. One thing you will all be able to say though, is that BigRich came with it. My hope is that you will stop and think about some of the things that I say and look at love and relationships from several different perspectives.  Trust me, you will be glad that you did.


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Richard 'BigRich' Evans

Richard 'BigRich' Evans

With nearly 20 years of experience in juvenile justice, public speaking, youth and young adult coaching and intervention, Richard 'BigRich' Evans' brand of straight talk has touched thousands.