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Appoximately, a month ago I stumbled upon a key factor that has aided in weakening the black love that we all so desperately crave. This isn’t the only key factor that has diminished the relationships between successful black men and women, but it’s one of the most important and sisters aren’t getting it. What is the it you ask.? Pay attention ladies, pay close attention.How many times have you turned on the television only to see a “successful” brother with a Caucasian, Latin, or Asian woman as his wife? Let’s keep it real ladies, you’ve seen it, and not only have you seen it, but you’ve probably said aloud, “Now what does she have that I don’t have?” If the truth be told, some of the women brothers have chosen may have less of an education than you do, less of a career, and less money. To top it off, if the “successful” brother does pick a black woman to accompany him to an event, typically it’s a chick that looks good but is dumb as dumb as can be. If you look at the women that successful black men are choosing and compared “her” to yourself then you’d win hands down if it came to house, money, careers, and education? Right?


Well, there is one important factor you left out while climbing the corporate ladder, buying a new home, graduating with honors, and even sporting that brand new Range Rover. All of your accomplishments will NOT win the heart of a successful black man if you do not have the physique to go with it. That reason alone my sisters is the reason why most black women are getting left behind. When it comes to health and fitness, not only are other races blowing us out of the water, but we aren’t giving ourselves a fighting chance to have a shot of black love. You were almost the complete package until that “successful” brother discovered that you’d rather spend more time in getting your hair and nails done than to accompany him for a light jog. Oh! He’d better not even think of asking you to go to the gym after you’ve just had your hair “did.”

Black women, we are winning everywhere else EXCEPT where it counts the most…..your temple. It’s never to late to take back what’s rightfully yours so all hope isn’t lost. This year, I’ve made it my personal mission to challenge Black women across America to develop a better sense of self, as it relates to health and fitness, and I’m going to help you do that in this Black Love Forum. Stay tuned monthly as I give you Health Tips that will allow you to live your best life now. You deserve the best now it’s time to incorporate a helathy living strategy that will bridge the gap between Successful black men and Successful Black women.

“Anything worth having, is worth fighting for.”

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  1. March 3, 2012 at 8:12 AM

    While I’m not convinced that my
    motivation for weight loss should have anything to do with preventing black men from bedding and wedding white women, I’ll agree that black women do need to put more focus on improving their physical health.