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So I have good news and bad news…the bad news is “Corporate Thug” ( See ‘One Fine Scrub’) has popped up recently…only for a moment though…I promise. BUT the problem with that is this: I believe I was his “Zero Calorie Substitute” that Jai Stone was talking about. And even though I knew this…I still answered his texts …and even initiated a phone call or two…  SMDH…

I can’t exactly tell you why. Maybe it’s because he knows what words to say and what buttons to push…ESPECIALLY in the bedroom , and that there is  another post for another day. But what I DO know is that he doesn’t have a complete choke hold on my heart like he did several weeks ago. Now it’s more like a tug on my coat tails, which only allows him to receive a “side eye” glance from me as opposed to the (un-appreciated), un-divided attention he was privy to before.

I can probably attribute some of that to a certain someone I’ve been dating for the last month, hence, the good news.

I know…I know…I haven’t written anything about him before, probably because he was over shadowed by “the others” …but lest I have found a silver lining amongst the crazies.

He’s 10 years my senior, which is not un-common for me, I find it’s actually BETTER to date slightly older gentlemen. I figure since men mature at a slower rate than women, it balances out. No offense guys, just stating the facts.

Soooo, the new guy…He’s a boxer with a Barbadian accent, so I’m a puddle whenever he speaks … surely he doesn’t know this.

He’s chivalrous, considerate, and just plain refreshing to say the least. He’s intelligent and business savvy, as he is also a day trader. Geez! I love a man with brains…nothing is sexier than that.

The day we met, which was randomly in the mall, I told him I was off work at 6:30pm.  Don’t you know at 6:35pm he was texting me saying “Where are we going tonight?” I won’t lie, I was a little tickled, but I know better than to get TOO excited over a perfect stranger.

At dinner, our conversation was like water… free flowing. We conversed about everything from God to the stock market and anything you can think of in between. SB: You’ve probably noticed I’m HUGE on conversation, if we can’t even have a decent  dialogue… I mean really, WHAT IS the point?

Since then, I faithfully see him 1-2 times a week, which I definitely dig because it gives us a balanced amount of face time…not too little …not too much.

But of course everything is rainbows and butterflies in the beginning , and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have concerns after a month of dating….because well… I do, but as of right now , they aren’t pertinent. And I don’t know if it’s OG game or what, but when a man looks me at me with compassion and says

“…I want to know and REALLY understand YOU as person Brittany…” like he did…

I think I might just have to let him. Bottom line, baby boy is WINNING right now…TKO style. #POW!


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B. Knight

B. Knight

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