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At Least I Wasn’t Ms. Lonely

You know when you get something that you always wanted, and then you find out it wasn’t all what it was is cracked up to be…that’s how my date was with Corporate Thug…what can I say, I got a soft spot for the kid…

I’m currently entertaining Baby Boy, so when I got an impromptu call from Corporate Thug asking if I wanted to double date with him and his friend Friday night to the Uptown Comedy Club, it was bittersweet.

This had to be the most uncomfortable date I’ve been on since “Cocaine Cowboy”. I’m sure most of it was due to inebriation, but it also could have very well been Corporate Thug’s friend and his shiny ass shirt that threw me for a loop too. I was mute mouth for a moment, then I attempted to force a conversation with his friends’ date…that was weird in the beginning, but then again so was I.

I’m almost positive that a lot of this was brought on by the fact that Baby Boy was at my house earlier and I had to kick him out because Coroporate Thug was on his way. (SMDH) I was caught off guard because I wasn’t expecting him until about 9pm, and here it was 7:30pm. Anyways, Baby Boy was obviously hurt and left in silent mode with his tail between his legs. The entire time I was out, all I could think about was THAT very image.

And just in case you were wondering, I said yes to Corporate Thugs’ invite for a number of reasons, one being I felt like he was making a genuine effort to make things right between us and I can appreciate that, but after Friday night I really feel like our ship may have already set sail…for good.

But even in the midst of my uncomfortable-ness, I think I had a better night than “Ms. Lonely”, a young woman in the front row at the show who came by herself. She was coined this name by pretty much all the comedians. Along with “Ms. Lonely”, they also called her “retarded” and “stupid”… and believe it or not, rightfully so. After careful probing by the comedians, she revealed that she was there alone because her man was locked up…serving a 10 year sentence! AND she plans on waiting for him! See this is why I never sit in the front row, I probably would’ve burst into tears.

So yeah, my night wayyyy better…but then again I did bust my butt while running in the rain…so maybe we’re like neck and neck…*shrugs shoulders*




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