11 Jan 2013

100 Words: New Beginnings & Letting Go

LETTING GO is the Key to New Beginnings. If you find you cannot gain the closure you need directly from the source try some other things like recognizing your faults in the situation and apologizing for them either verbally or in writing. Write a letter to yourself or the noun(person, place

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21 Dec 2012

Affairs: A Russian Roulette Of Love

Once upon a time, our Love of things was less important than our Love for one another, wanting to be married and have a family was normal. The men, women, children and pets used to play their role. Now, we Love things more, our roles are so mixed up that the pets

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14 Nov 2012

100 Words: All The Single Ladies…Take A Seat, Any Seat! [MICRO BLOG]

All the Single Ladies, All the Single Ladies, What Ut ohh  in the HELL have we done to get this damn far away from the penis? Perhaps it is that everything about us says WE DON’T NEED HIM!!  Songs, movies, mantras, websites, books etc, all about the annihilation of man

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05 Nov 2012

100 Words: Do Black Girls Get A Prince Too? [MICRO BLOG]

WANTED! A King grown from a Prince.  To love, honor, cherish, protect and lead a Queen grown from the seed of a princess. The sweetest, realest, most beautiful thing ever created is the LOVE between two people who can build, argue, create, make love and experience ENDLESS possibilities together. Fellas, I

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19 Oct 2012

100 Words Or Less: Who Needs Whom? 30 Days Without Men Challenge [MICRO BLOG]

Too often we are QUICK to spew venom on men and talk about how we don’t need them because we got our ‘own’ (gags loudly). In my experience when a man is present or shows up, life is made easier and more complete. With that said, I’d like to challenge

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17 Oct 2012

100 Words or Less: The Illness Of Low Self Esteem [MICRO BLOG]

Let’s Face it Most of the People on this planet suffer the illness of Low Self Esteem. When a man or a woman struggles with self esteem it is difficult for the people who love them to connect in a way that will help them heal, especially if they struggle

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08 Oct 2012

100 Words Or Less: Don’t Count LOVE Out Just Because It Requires A Recount! [MICRO-BLOG]

Throughout the course of life relationships take on many forms. Some of our old relationships resurface and they seem more confusing then they were the first go around. I believe that if there is an opportunity for LOVE then explore it with a NEW fire. Often times we reconnect as

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20 Sep 2012

100 Words Or Less: No Call, No Show WTH!

What happened to the days when Men used to show up strong, proud, and dependable?  Like when you say you are going to do something and then DON’T…but that doesn’t bother me as much as when you CHOOSE not communicate the Change. AM I NOT worthy of your dialogue?  Was

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04 Sep 2012

100 Words Or Less: I’m Rooting For The Fellas, But This Is Some UN-SEXY Shhhh

100 Words Or Less is ‘straight talk’ micro blog. ENJOY! Fellas, I promise you on everything I Love I am cheering for you but please, learn the difference between a Lady and a Whore.  I DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT find it sexy when you say with great intensity “I

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