13 Sep 2012

Your Spouse Or Your Kids…Who Is Number 1?

My wife and I recently had a Parent/Principal conference at my son’s school.  And NO, he is not getting into that much trouble…we actually want him to be challenged a little more with Math.  At the conclusion of our meeting, we started discussing family and marriage and the principal mentioned

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06 Sep 2012

C’MON MAN…Marriage Edition

What’s going on in the world today with marriages?  Have you been hearing what’s going on?  Have you been seeing what’s going on?  Have you been feeling what’s going on?  It’s on T.V.  It’s on the radio, in magazines, in newspapers.  It’s the apparent infatuation with “let’s watch them get

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27 Aug 2012

The Hardest To Love

Love Hard and Love True. This is the caption I normally end my articles with. I say this because if you love lightly or with minimal effort, the person you are trying to love may not get all the love that’s needed to stay committed in the relationship. A good

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07 Aug 2012

“MY SPACE”…Is It Important In A Marriage?

“My space”…”Me time”…”Peace and Quiet”.  How important is this in a marriage?  We all need our own space and time by ourselves in a marriage…away from the spouse…away from the kid(s).  There is nothing negative about this.  This space, however long it may be, can be a time of reflection,

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26 Jul 2012

Marriage – What is It’s Purpose?

This is a question I think many husbands and wives ask themselves a lot. I think this is a healthy question that you should always ask yourself.  Another way of phrasing the question, as stated in Tyler Perry’s blockbuster hits, “Why Did I Get Married?”.   Asking yourself this question gives

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22 May 2012

Love Like In Love (pt.2): The Stages

Love like in-love. In a previous article I spoke of these words as an action couples should be taking to ensure love is being properly expressed and felt within the marriage.  Now I want to look at these words in a different way.  Instead of “LOVE LIKE IN-LOVE”, let’s look

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16 May 2012

Love Like In Love (pt. 1): The Action

Love like in-love. Simple? No. Challenging? Yes. Achievable? Always. Are you afraid to love your spouse? Do you know how to love your spouse? If your answers are “no” and “yes”, respectively, to these two questions, then I hope you are actively showing your spouse the love you have for

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14 May 2012

There’s No Time: 6 Suggestions for ME time

I know we all love our kids unconditionally and we would never trade them for anything…right? I hope that is the case for everyone. Nonetheless, once kids come into your world, your time is no longer yours…it’s theirs…and now you have to borrow some of your own time for you.

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09 Apr 2012

The 2012 Standard

I was listening to the radio some time ago and there was a segment discussing relationships between men and women searching for Mr. or Ms. Right. One of the key discussion points was that of “standards”. Are my standards to high? Are my standards to low? Many are concerned their

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13 Feb 2012

Three Extras For V-Day No Money Down

It’s that time of year when you see red everywhere…V-Day aka Valentine’s Day. Many have already looked in their bank accounts to see how much money they have to spend on their mate. Some have decided to go big, while others will go lite simply with the card and flowers.

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07 Feb 2012

Music To My Ears

My 6-year old son recently started taking piano lessons … something I have been wanting to do for a good portion of my life.  Because of his lessons, I am now pushing myself to learn and retain the basics of music theory.  For those of you that know music theory,

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24 Jan 2012

The SAFE (My Security)

As I am sure all of you know, being married always has its ups and downs. The challenge is to always have more ups than downs. This most definitely gives you a better chance at having a long lasting marriage. One of the “ups” that should always be present is

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18 Jan 2012

Do You Know How To Talk?

When you read the title of this discussion, I know most of you said, “Of course I know how to talk”. And I bet many of you can talk with the best of them…probably talking too much. Now let me add three more words to this same question. Do you

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05 Jan 2012

I Wonder Are They Married?

So often in today’s society, many couples are choosing to be cohabitants without having the bond of holy matrimony associated with them.  In other cases, some married couples are choosing not to wear their wedding rings for one reason or another.  I’m not done yet.  Some married couples’ interaction with

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19 Dec 2011

The Plants (Part 2)

In “The Plants…Part 1”, I spoke about how it’s important to get rid of the dead leaves in your marriage. This will give your marriage more room to grow in the areas where the “dead leaves” once occupied. Now there is another interesting situation with house plants that marriages can

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15 Dec 2011

The Plants (Part 1)

My Mom came to visit about a month ago and you know what Moms like to do when they come visit…find things to clean or straighten up, or correct minor things they feel could be better…without stepping on anyone’s toes (especially the wife’s toes). During her visit, one specific area

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12 Nov 2011

Love the One You Love

Relationships are tough.  Sometimes they are so tough you just want to throw in the tile.  But you know, that may not be the right choice.  So what do you do then? Maybe since I’m miserable, I might as well make it miserable for everyone around me also.  Yeah, I

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27 Oct 2011

The Dream Team

To be married is to be part of a team.  As a married couple, you should have a purpose and that purpose should be something that you provide to the world. You can see how some married couples operate as teams when you see them as pastors of a church,

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19 Oct 2011

I’m Not The Enemy

Having your spouse accessible at all times can have its challenges sometimes.  Because of the close proximity of your spouse, you may tend to take your spouse for granted…not purposely.  Also, not purposely, we may sometimes treat our spouse unfairly due to other situations experienced outside of the home that

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07 Oct 2011

I Want My Popeyes Chicken

I cracked up when this one was laid upon my spirit.  So here I am at the gym, just finished swimming some laps in the pool, now taking a few minutes to relax in the steam room.  Relaxing to prepare myself mentally for the rest of the workday while at

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30 Sep 2011

How Can I Love You Today?

This is a challenge.  Better yet, it’s a dare.  I know it is a dare because 99% of us probably never or rarely ask our spouse the question … “How can I love you today?”. What do you think would happen if you asked your spouse this question … every

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15 Sep 2011

All Talk…No Action?

I got a little taste of my own medicine with this one.  How often do you say you are going to do something and end up not doing it?  It is probably quite often and you don’t even realize it occurs.  Think about it like this, once you say I’m

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08 Sep 2011

There’s Nothing Perfect About It

I took a trip some time back to Colorado and I must say that I didn’t know Colorado had that much of nothing out there…almost as bad as driving from San Antonio to El Paso in Texas.  Nonetheless, as I was driving back to my hotel in Colorado Springs, I

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30 Aug 2011

Don’t Discount Your Marriage

How often do you notice situations in a family member or a friend’s marriage that you feel you can provide advice on?  Or, what about when a friend or family member approaches you or your spouse asking for marital advise.  And what if this comes from a couple which has

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18 Aug 2011

What The Heck Are You Thinkin Bout?

“What if I were still single?  I could be having fun like in the old college days”. “Why did I marry this man?  I could be living life by myself or with someone else”. What other thoughts do you have running through your brain?    Better yet, how often do you

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