12 Aug 2011

Shooting PAR

I guess I better explain what “par” is first before I proceed … just in case you don’t know golf terminology.  Par is considered to be the number of strokes a golfer is expected to need to complete an individual hole/all holes on the golf course.  I guess with the

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04 Aug 2011

Take Care of Home

Home is where the heart is. If your heart is somewhere else, then how can you take care of what you have at home? If your heart is not at home, then where is it? When you said “I Do” on that day that you will always remember, you did

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25 Jul 2011

80 Year Old Love

Trips in the middle of nowhere will show you some of the most interesting things.  I was recently on a business trip in Plainville, CT.  Yep…a very small city somewhere on the outskirts of Hartford, CT.  Upon arriving into the town, I immediately checked into the hotel and headed to

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16 Jul 2011

LOOK Like You Want It

What did you do when you first laid eyes on your spouse?  For the women, you probably just played it off as though you didn’t see him.  For the men, you probably looked and continued to look until you got some type of return look from her.  To this day

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16 Jul 2011

What 7 Year Itch?

There is a saying out there that every marriage goes through a 7 year itch during the 7th year of marriage.  I have always wondered what is the “itch” that some people supposedly encounter during this time.  Is it an itch to be with someone else romantically?  Is it an

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