04 May 2012

The Shut Up Zone: Learning When NOT To Speak

Communication is key. That is the belief of this generation. In fact, communication is a major economic commodity. Being connected is so important that almost every new electronic device boasts about internet connectivity. It seems that reaching others and being reached is so important that blue tooth devices and handsfree

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22 Mar 2012

Absolutely No Drama

Many of today’s relationships involve the joining of two people that have had previous relationships in which children were conceived. As a result, issues such as child support and visitation can evolve into emotionally charged battles if misused for methods of manipulation, intimidation, or control. Such battles can create labels

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03 Jan 2012

Gaining A Husband Doesn’t Mean Losing Yourself

I have heard many married females state, “If something happens to my husband or my marriage, I will never ever-ever get married again. This statement is usually followed by a disclaimer of how much they love their husbands but just wouldn’t do it again. They then go on to state

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21 Dec 2011

A Beautiful Blend

There is no doubt that “blending and bonding” in a new stepfamily or newly “blended family” can be quite a challenge. In fact, there maybe situations in which bonding seems impossible. Overcoming walls of distrust and disinterest is an exercise of patience and persistence. . The new spouse may be

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14 Dec 2011

The Greatest Blended Family: Jesus, Mary and Joseph

The transitional changes of life and living today reflects in the state of our families. Many married parents divorce each other. Many are parents that have never been married. As a result, when the step of matrimony is taken or re taken by these individuals, the new union creates a

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18 Oct 2011

TRUST (It’s All or Nothing)

I have read and heard people talk about their relationships with others. Regardless of whether it is a blood relation or one connected by marriage, the issue of trust usually weighs in on how close or far apart those individuals are to one another. Some may say, I cannot totally

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03 Oct 2011

Letter To My Ex

I am gonna do it again! My baby proposed and I accepted! I always said I would not ever get married again. But I have a pure love for this man that I know is reciprocated. Yes! I am doing it again! There is so much to do and so

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30 Sep 2011

I’ve Done This Before

The step family or Blended family is unique because it is a family whose existence is the result of the loss of the original family unit. Perhaps, a couple divorced with children and years later decide to marry others. 2 blended families have been formed as a result of the

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08 Sep 2011

Where Will I Sit?

I was at the most beautiful wedding. The processional included the ushers escorting grandparents of the couple and the parents of the couple and seating them. At this particular ceremony, the parents of the bride were married to other individuals. So were the grandparents of the bride. However, the individuals

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30 Aug 2011

His Babies’ Mamas….

Well ya’ll, I finally met him…Mr. Right. He loves God, family, and me. He loves me for who I am-good and bad. He is sociable and gets along with others. He is employed with wonderful benefits. He has wonderful problem solving skills. He is down to earth and he wants

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25 Aug 2011

No Instructions Needed

Sharing custody, weekend visitation, and extended holidays with the non custodial parent and their significant other can present challenges. Things such as transportation, medication, alteration of child’s normal activities are a few things that come to mind.. The custodial parent might add more stress to the transition by issuing orders

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03 Aug 2011

“On Your Mark”

“On your mark”, is a signal to competitors on the track that the race or competition of excellence is about to begin. Many parents who live apart and have remarried to others, treat the parenting role as a competition. Some mothers may ask what the stepmother cooked for meals on

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28 Jul 2011

Bonds of the Blend

When my 2 oldest sons were 2 and 3 years of age, I married a man who had 2 daughters ages 5 and 8 years of age. Although, the marriage ended after 13 years, my relationship and love for my stepdaughters or “daughters of marriage” remains. In addition, their relationship

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25 Jul 2011

“You Ain’t My Mama!”

“You aint my mama/daddy” this is a statement that if not uttered, has likely been thought by many children of blended families toward their stepmother or stepfather. For the stepparent who is actively working on creating a strong bond, such a statement can be as strong as a “slap in

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20 Jul 2011

“Ask Your Daddy…”

It’s that time of year again for parents of school age children.  Summer is quickly coming to a close and there are advertisements galore of computers, school uniforms, and school supplies.  Schools are mailing parents and students agendas, picture price lists, sports game and practice schedules, field trip prices, high

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17 Jul 2011

“This aint my child!”

Why doesn’t her mother do it? Why not make their father pay for something? This aint my child! The children IN the household count too! …..If you have thought about or made any of the aforementioned statements, perhaps you are a stepparent or have obtained parental responsibilities as a result of your

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