14 Jun 2013

Love Still Good? When “We” Became “You and I”

How many times have you heard about a married couple who seemed to just be existing in their marriage?  Neither spouse wants to separate, but it seems as if neither is willing to put in any effort to make it work.  But why?  The spark is gone, the fire and

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02 May 2013

What If I Had Married My Ex?

A friend and I were discussing this topic recently because he has been having problems with his wife lately. He asked me if I remembered a Sheena*, whom he dated when we were in our mid-20’s. I told him yes, as I had actually run into her recently. He wanted

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29 Mar 2013

What Happens When Couples Marry Too Fast?

It’s a realization some couples come to after they’ve been married a while.  It’s painful to even acknowledge this.  How they arrive at this point varies.  Perhaps the honeymoon stage wore off quicker than either of them expected.  It could be that there are conversations that should’ve been had before

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15 Mar 2013

Why My Wife’s Support Translates To Respect

“A man wants to be respected; a woman wants to be loved.” How many times have we heard this?  Implicit in the statement’s reasoning is men and women need two separate things to function well in relationships.  I can’t speak on what feeds a woman’s need to be loved.  I

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13 Feb 2013

Robbing Peter To Pay Paul: 5 Tips For Money Management In Your Marriage

Some things in marriage need to be discussed on a regular basis, but a lot couples let them slide.  Household finances is one of those topics. In fact, it should be discussed even before saying “I do”, since spending habits are usually similar before and after marriage. While we don’t

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10 Jan 2013

Boom Or Bust: Relationship Communication From A Male Perspective

I know it’s important for spouses to know how to speak to each other.  As a man, it’s important because we need to let our wives know we value them, but that we also see the need for communication in our marriage.  BUT…there are times when words are spoken that

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20 Dec 2012

Feeling Helpless: A New Father’s Dilemma

Six months old.That’s about how old my baby daughter is. When she was born, I was the one to hold her first. I got the first picture of her. Even though we had an older daughter, by me, this was my first time with the delivery room experience. The baby’s

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