04 Jun 2013

Why Women (Try) To Act Like A Man

Have you ever met a woman who proudly proclaims she “thinks like a man” but in reality she “acts like a man,” when it comes to love matters. She tries to stay in control emotionally by appearing emotion-Less.  She agrees to have sex with no ties, but weeks later she may

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19 Apr 2013

Who Are You Really In Love With?

Have you ever wondered what attracted you to your mate? What about an ex? If you look a little closer, you may see some traits that closely resemble one of your parents – probably the opposite sex. The saying that, “men marry their mothers” and “women marry their fathers” is

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03 Apr 2013

Stop Sabotaging Love – Believe You Deserve It!

Face it, people attract what they believe they deserve.  If you feel like you are not worthy enough to be with an honest person, or live in a good neighborhood, guess what…you will attract those things to your life whether you know it or not. The world is moving toward

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29 Mar 2013

5 Steps To Break Up With An Angry, Insecure Man

If you have ever been in a situation where you wanted to break it off with a man who is angry and insecure, you know how hard it can be.  You might be in that situation right now.  Women often wonder how they found themselves in a relationship with a

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