30 Jan 2014

It’s Crazy As Hell In The A-T-L: And It’s Not Just The Weather!

This is not my normal kind of blog post, but after this week in the Peach State I had to take commentary that I usually save for Twitter and drop into a full blown article. LOL!!! Low and behold if the dung heap ain’t deep in the A-T-L this week.

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07 Aug 2013

RIP Black Belt Jones: A Tribute To Grandmaster Jim ‘The Dragon’ Kelly

Remember the cool ass black dude from the movie Enter the Dragon with Bruce Lee?  His name was Grandmaster Jim ‘The Dragon’ Kelly and he became a legend and inspired a generation of Black men across the world. Last week I was shocked when I got an email and learned

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23 Jul 2013

Get Some Trent Shelton In Your LIFE!!

I’ve seen social media used to push all sorts of agendas, but nothing makes me happier than to see beautiful Black man pushing his faith based inspiration.  “Lawd knows us heathens needs dat” (insert Miss Sophia’s voice here).  I started checking for Trent Shelton when someone dropped one of his

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19 Jun 2013

Black Love Has Got Soul: Watch The Season Premier of The Soul Man (6/19/13)

I can’t say that I click over to the TV Land network every time I pick up my remote.  In fact until recently, I had never bothered to find it on my TV dial.  That was until I heard rumors that Cedric the Entertainer was going to be starring in

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14 Jun 2013

Drama Queen Rehab 101

NOTE: This article appeared in it’s entirety on Essence.com In my previous post (Drama Queens Get No Love!), I sited several cases of how being a Drama Queen doesn’t work in your favor. And as promised I will share the steps I took to make me a “recovering drama queen.”

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13 Jun 2013

Haters Can’t Hate, When They Don’t See You Coming

SPOILER ALERT: Over the weekend I went to see the movie After Earth starring Will Smith and his son Jaden (great acting, ehhh…so-so film).  I won’t ruin the whole picture for you, but I am going to share a key component.  So if you plan to go see the film…err,

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11 Jun 2013

Drama Queens Get No Love

NOTE: This post appeared in its entirety on Essence.com. This post is specifically for the scene-causing drama queens who show their hind parts at every opportunity. It’s for the intense instigators and tacky troublemakers that think “going in” on somebody is cute.  I’m talking directly to the antagonistic agitators that

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05 Jun 2013

High Five: What Oprah Winfrey Said About Men

Whether or not you love Oprah, there is no doubt that she often drops life-altering pearls of wisdom.  For those of us who came late to the “love yourself first” arena, here is a great perspective about men (in my humble opinion). If a man wants you, nothing can keep

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17 May 2013

Do It Like a Lady: 8 First Date Do’s & Dont’s For Modern Dating

Note: This article appeared on Essence.com in its entirety. Nowadays, a lot of personal interactions have gotten too technical – literally! – and because of it, dating just ain’t what it used to be. Long, late-night phone conversations have been replaced with exchanging short text messages, and you first find

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29 Apr 2013

8 Signs You’re Dealing With An Emotionally Bankrupt Person

NOTE: THIS ARTICLE APPEARED IN ITS ENTIRETY ON ESSENCE.COM Let’s face it: relationships are hard enough when you have two sane, mature people, but throw just one damaged, emotionally bankrupt person in the mix and you’ve got a recipe for “hot mess gumbo.” When a person is emotionally void, there

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18 Apr 2013

I Didn’t Give Up On Black Men, They Gave Up On Me!

NOTE: THIS ARTICLE APPEARED IN ITS ENTIRETY ON ESSENCE.COM Yes, you read the title correctly, and I can see your eyebrows raised and neck hairs bristling up.  Don’t hop off the ride just yet. I need you to put on your seat belts and rock with me for a minute.

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12 Apr 2013

I’m Looking For A Submission-Worthy Man

This post appeared in its entirety on Essence.com For the past 20 years everyone from the honorable pastor to dishonorable playa has been beating Black women over the head with the word submission. And the way it’s used feels more like a four-letter word being flung at us. For the

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08 Apr 2013

Everybody Has Advice: 5 “Relationship Experts” That I Actually LIKE!

When muddling through the muck and mire of a relationship, it can be hard to know where to turn for advice. As you well know, there are a lot of folks working under the guise of “relationship expert”, and  I have noted on more than one occasion how much these

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06 Apr 2013

7 Reasons Women Should Pay For Dates

My recent post on Essence.com caused quite a kerfuffle.  Read he post in full below. If I had a nickel for every time I heard a woman say “he has to pay to play,” I would own a professional football team by now. That mindset of entitlement totally baffles me.

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05 Apr 2013

Oh Snap,You Messed Up: 8 Tips To Win Back The Woman Of Your Dreams

So if you are reading this, its safe to say that either you want to win back the woman of your dreams.  Either that or you just want to see if this article is full of sh*t (LOL).  You would probably rather have heard this from a dude, but I

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02 Apr 2013

Take The Guesswork Out Of Love And Attract Your Soul Mate [FREE VIDEO SERIES]

Are you ready for Love? Start Attracting it NOW Can you believe 50% of U.S. Singles haven’t been on a date in 2 years or more? WOW! Ever feel like you’re deeply connected to a soulmate and just haven’t met them yet?  You know connecting to that person is destined

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30 Mar 2013

10 Things All Women Need In Their Emotional Toolbox

NOTE: This post appeared in its entirety on Essence.com and Huffington Post. I’m often amazed at how little value people place on emotions, particularly emotional wellness. When your spirit catches a cold, it’s like the rest of you catches the flu. That negative energy manifests itself in everything from depression

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28 Mar 2013

SCANDAL: Why I Think ABC Made A HUGE Mistake

I always thought the phrase “cult following” was over used when it comes to television shows. But I must say that ABC’s Scandal has earned the title in spades. Its been a long time since I have been this utterly addicted to a show. In case you missed it, I’m

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18 Mar 2013

Hell Nawl: Same Sex Relationships as a Last Resort?!

Seems like lately there is a trend of women moving towards same sex relationships as a last resort.  They seem to be simply swearing off men altogether.  While I understand that the need to be loved is the most basic of human desires, I still question the practice.  How strong

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14 Mar 2013

Gabby Douglas Pens Second Memoir

I’m really glad Miss Gabby has found her voice and is leveraging a proven platform to project it.  Books seem are the most timeless media around, not to mention the most viral.  We tend to hold on to books and pass them from generation to generation, so what better way

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05 Mar 2013

Why Is Being Dark Skinned Newsworthy In 2013

Before this week I had not heard of Rapper Kendrick Lamar, but he made the news for taking a very nontraditional approach to choosing the lead model in his “Poetic Justice” video.  According to Black Enterprise, Lamar fired the lighter skinned model and replaced her with a darker one, Miss

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28 Feb 2013

The Black Love Crisis: Why We Need to Do More Than Just Talk

I wrote this post last summer for Essence.com.  Given the fact that I’ve just become a regular contributor on the site, I thought it would be nice to share this on BLF. ENJOY!! Do you remember three years ago, when Hill Harper’s book The Conversation: How Black Men and Women

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26 Feb 2013

Why Must ALL Relationship Advice Be Directed At Women??

In September of last year I did a vlog entitled “Having An Opinion, Doesn’t Make You A Relationship Expert” and it was met with a luke-warm reception.  Especially from a few of the folks that took it personally.  I felt like I was a lone voice wanting to hold men

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22 Feb 2013

7 Reasons She Won’t Go Out With You Again

This one is for the fellas, keep in mind that women are fickle beasts with many delicate sensibilities.  Its not our fault, but not only are we bred differently, but we also are affected differently by things that don’t have much of an effect on men.  So when it comes

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14 Feb 2013

14 Most Inspiring Black Couples (2013 Edition)

WE ARE STILL INSPIRED BY BLACK LOVE A NOTE FROM BLF FOUNDER, JAI STONE A few months back I saw a two-part interview where Oprah interviewed Jamie Foxx.  They were discussing happy marriages when Oprah asked Jamie if he could name 5 happily married couples.  Silently,  I raveled off 15

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