11 Apr 2013

LESS TALK MORE ACTION: Should Men Bear The Burden Of The Relationship?

For the past couple of decades we have heard countless claims on how women are suppose to be the glue that holds relationships together. But are we letting the men slip on their responsibilities?  In a recent interview R&B recording artist Carl Thomas stated… “In a relationship a man bares

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20 Mar 2013

4 Marriage Lessons from Inspirational Couples

It’s always inspiring to see couples that seem to have the secret to staying happily married. Many of us privately wonder what the secret is.  Here are some great lessons a few couples have shared. 1. Communication and Compromise Are Key “The hardest part of being a partner in a

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29 Oct 2012

The Jeffersons, The Obamas and 23 Other Black Couples That Changed America

A few weeks back when Sherman Hemsely died, I couldn’t help but think of how much The Jeffersons had changed America.  Then it struck me that George & Weezy weren’t the only Black couple that had made an impact on our culture.  I started to write a list of Black

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04 Sep 2012

Benzino Offers Strong Advice On Marrying For The Wrong Reasons

By no means am I a LHHA fan, but I ran across this video on Bossip.com today and thought it would be great to share with our audience.  Besides LOVE, what are the other reasons a couple should get married?

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29 Aug 2012

Tichina Arnold & Her Simple Wedding Request – “Good Friends, Good Food, Good Fun!”

Nowadays it is very common to see a ‘platinum wedding’, all the bells whistles and crystal that money can buy.  Folks spend tens of thousands of dollars on a wedding only to end up in divorce court weeks later…. I ain’t calling no (uhmmm OCHOCINCO) names here– sorry, I just

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20 Aug 2012

Platinum Duo Sanya Richards Ross & Hubby Aaron Land Reality TV Show

If  haven’t already heard,  Sanya Richards Ross and her strikingly handsome hubby Aaron just signed up to do a reality show for WE TV.  The network that brought you Mary Mary’s reality series is apparently very excited to bring the Ross’ on board.  Incidentally Sanya and Aaron’s wedding was featured

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17 Aug 2012

Fearless Friday: Jordin Sparks Has The Glow – Her Family, Her Love And SPARKLE

We chose Jordin Sparks for our Fearless Friday because we are very proud of the exceptional young lady she has become.  She has tackled her life and legend with zeal and passion and all the time seeming to have NO fear of failing at love or life!  Here’s to Jordin!

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06 Aug 2012

2 Olympic Sized Man-Law Violations From This Weekend

If you are like half of the world, you spent this past weekend glued to your TV watching the 2012 Olympic Games in London.  There were many many exciting moments: the historic completion of Michael Phelps’ Olympic medal collection and the epic re-crowning of the Jamaican King and Queen of

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17 Jul 2012

12 Smoking Hot Athletes To Watch At The Summer Olympics [PHOTOS]

We are 10 days out from the 2012 Olympic Games set to take place in London on July 27th, and I can hardly wait!  My excitement started to build back in May, but to my surprise I was hard pressed to find decent info on the Olympic Trials and there

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09 Jul 2012

Gabrielle Union Dishes On How Negative Publicity Hurt Her Career [VIDEO]

Featured above is Gabrielle Union’s side of the story in this exclusive interview at Radio One Fest in Miami by T.T. Torrez. Dwyane Wade‘s divorce was very bitter and very public with his ex Siohvaughn blaming actress Gabrielle Union for their marital woes.  The rumors have swirled for years, for

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01 Jun 2012

My Bold Face Opinion Of Tami Roman (aka Purse Thief) and the Basketball Broads

I know yall haven’t heard from me in a while, what can I say… I’ve been knee deep in my grind.  I’ve been trying to sit on the sidelines with all the latest drama from Season 4 of Basketball Wives Broads (since most of them aren’t actually wives), but I

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11 May 2012

Oscar Winner Offers Obama A Little ‘HELP’

Well the bottom fell out of the political world this past Wednesday when President Obama told ABC’s Robin Roberts that he supports Gay Marriage.  If you missed all the hoopla, check out the details as posted from our friends over at Prune Juice Media.  Anyhoo, I say “GOOD FOR OBAMA”!!

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30 Apr 2012

Relationships vs. Situationships

Last week I got a phone call from someone I used to kick it with, we had not spoken for quite some time…ever since I decided we needed some boundaries.  We will call him Sam for the purposes of this post.  I can’t really say he was my boyfriend and

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16 Apr 2012

The Cost of Reality: Salaries Of Black Reality Stars

I’m not ashamed to admit that I like my share of Reality TV shows.  Its like having a ring side seat at the best gossip fest in town.   I know, I know the shows are often accused of portraying Black women in a negative light, yada yada yada.  Let me

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16 Mar 2012

That ISH Cray: Why Bobbi Kristina Needs Her A$$ Whipped!

Herrrreeee we GO!!!  Looks like Miss Bobbi got the Houston/ Brown drama-gene for sure.  According to TMZ Krissy is dating her adopted bother Nick Gordon.  Nick was some kind of wayward kid with home troubles that Whitney unofficially adopted.  I’m not quite sure how long Nick has been a part of

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05 Mar 2012

Does ONLY Dating Black Men Make You Racist?

It seems that black women dating outside their race has become a hot topic among ALL races.  My friends seem to all get pissed because so many other ethnicities seem to take an interest in who we are screwing. As for me, I’m just amazed at how many of ‘the others’ are

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01 Mar 2012

Celeb #Tweet Watch: Mr. & Mrs. TJ Holmes Celebrate 2nd Anniversary

While going through my early morning Twitterings, I came across one that made me tingle with glee!  It seems that TODAY is the 2nd anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. T.J. Holmes.  Yayyyy!!!  #BlackLoveRocks Most of us know Brutha T.J. from CNN but these days, he has made a home at

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23 Feb 2012

Black Relationships Described by 4 Awesome YouTubers [CENSORED]

We all love those videos that circulate through Facebook & Twitter that keep us cracking up and nodding our heads about love and relationships.  I have taken a moment to chose just a few of my favorite YouTubers.  Be sure to subscribe and follow these folks, they need our support

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16 Feb 2012

WTH! “Whitney Was A Drug Addict That Abandoned Her Child…”

Before you cuss me out like a Mob Wife, I wasn’t the person that said this, or should I say TWEETED this!  However I was the one that nearly got into a ‘ Twitter Brawl’ over the comment. Here I was minding my own business glued to my seat watching

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