13 Jul 2012

Nip-Tuck: I’m Changing My FINANCIAL Appearance

I’m going under the knife. That’s right! I want to look and feel like money (pun intended). It’s time to make some changes to one of the most treasured areas in my life that’s directly connected to my self-esteem and livelihood: my finances. When it comes to managing my money

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27 Jun 2012

A House Divided: 3 Steps To Determine If You Are Equally Yoked

There’s nothing better than a good ‘ole church home whose atmosphere is saturated with worship and allows the spirit to flow freely. You enter the house hungry to receive encouragement and reassurance and leave well-fed and equipped to continue with your purpose in life. When I was single, I became

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30 Apr 2012

4 Ways To Spring Clean Your Marriage

  Spring is in the air. Flowers are blooming. The sun is shining. Birds are chirping and you definitely have “the fever.” It’s that time of year to give your living quarters a facelift. From dusting and vacuuming to shampooing the carpet and rearranging furniture, many people prepare for the

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28 Feb 2012

I’m Having An Affair (Part 2)

If it’s not updating Facebook or Twitter, it’s checking emails, texts, and the latest news updates. For others it’s playing competitive games of Words or Scramble with Friends. No matter what it is, you already know there’s an “App for that” and it has captured much of the attention of

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20 Feb 2012

I’m Having An Affair (Part I)

This has to stop. I can’t believe I’m sharing this, but I have to admit it. I’m past the embarrassment and deeply desire true healing from the situation. You see, I want to keep the communication with my hubby fresh, active, and healthy. But, I have to make a decision.

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09 Feb 2012

A Case of the Mundane Relationship (pt.2)

What did you and your boo do this week that interrupted the monotony of your relationship? Here are some ideas for adding some sparkle to your social love-life during the week. Of course these activities don’t have to occur every day, or every week for that matter, but I challenge

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02 Feb 2012

A Case of the Mundane Relationship (pt. 1)

After watching Sex and the City 2 for the umpteenth time, I couldn’t help but to study one of my favorite couples and compare their challenges to other relationships. I’m all the way Team Carrie! In the movie, Carrie was finding herself feeling uneasy about how her marriage to Big

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04 Jan 2012

A New Year, A New Vow

Every January 1st millions of people make promises to better their lives. From joining the gym and losing weight, to quitting a bad habit or starting a new venture, motivated celebrators find hope in starting over with a clean slate. But for a married couple my question is…now what? I

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06 Oct 2011

No Pain, No Gain

Every morning around 5:30AM, I wake up to endure an intense cardio work-out. For 30 minutes, I push myself through several reps of strategic moves that target specific areas of my body. During the workout, I find myself wanting to quit—and quite frequently to be honest. Each set requires concentration,

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29 Sep 2011

Fouled Out

Blow the whistle! I can’t take it anymore. There is obviously some personal fouling going on in reality TV. I’m not proud to admit it but I was one of the reportedly 3 million viewers captivated by the drama on the season premiere of Basketball Wives L.A. Just when you

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13 Sep 2011

Wives…Not Brides Wear The Tiara

Whether made of rhinestones or precious diamonds, a tiara symbolizes royalty. Many brides opt to or not to adorn their head with this stylish accessory. Regardless of their choice of style, every wife wears an invisible tiara as their new role of honor. I remember hearing a wise quote, saying

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05 Sep 2011

Let’s Have Intercourse!

After playing an interactive game at an adult house party, I was one of the lucky winners who walked away with two hefty prize bags filled with goodies. As I fished through my bags to view the contents, I came across a book entitled, ‘365 Things Every Couple Should Know‘

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27 Aug 2011

Marriage: What’s Your Perception of Marriage? (pt 3 of 3)

Even though I tried, I couldn’t blame my parents’ failed marriage – or the few examples of how a man and woman were supposed to live as husband and wife as my reasons for not making it through the “for better or for worse” times. I realized afterward that I

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26 Aug 2011

Marriage: What’s Your Perception of Marriage? (pt 2 of 3)

Not only were the responses from Michael Baisden’s post stirring up strife about the state of marriage, I had also come across a report on ajc.com claiming that marriages are becoming obsolete. Again, I just knew that there had to be something wrong with the perception of living in holy

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16 Aug 2011

Marriage: What Is Your Perception? (pt 1 of 3)

At the end of the school day, I dismissed my students from the classroom to go home. Like clockwork, I then reached for my iPhone4 to read the statuses of my friends on Facebook. As I scrolled down the recent updates, I came across author and radio host Michael Baisden’s

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04 Aug 2011

You So Crazy!

One of my all-time favorite shows of the 90’s is Martin. In fact, I have all of the seasons on DVD; continue to watch the re-runs on MTV and TVOne; and even use the DVR from time to time when I’m going to miss one of the classics. I can

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29 Jul 2011

When “Nothing” means “Something”

“What’s wrong?” We’ve all been in a position where these two words questioned our well-being. When these words are uttered, it must be extremely apparent that something is weighing in on our thoughts but we’re quick to convince ourselves, and our man, that it’s “nothing.” Immediately a barrier is created

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20 Jul 2011

Bees STILL Prefer Honey Over Vinegar…

My mother is literally the “mother of all clichés.” Whenever she wanted to teach me a lesson, she would pull from her “old sayings” bank and make a deposit into my life.  No matter what it was, every message was taught around a cliché. “You can catch more bees with

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16 Jul 2011

Money Tales

The old adage says that money can’t buy you happiness. Well, I say that it may not buy happiness, but it sure puts a down payment on it. When your finances are in order, you have more freedom in your relationship to love. As a wife, I’m starting to realize

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16 Jul 2011

What Did You Say?

“ It’s not what you say, but how you say it.” My then boyfriend-turned-husband would preach this so much – I could anticipate when he was going to say it. Whenever a heated conversation lurked, I was spitting venom with the intent to poison. I didn’t realize at the time

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