01 Apr 2013

The Working Wife: 8 Ways To Have Productive Communication With Your Husband

If one more person tells me, “communication is key” to a happy marriage, I’m going to communicate something alright.  What they fail to do is tell you what ”communication” between a husband and wife should look and sound like.  It’s definitely more than just two people talking and listening.  If

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15 Oct 2012

A Mother’s Greatest Fear and Deepest Pain: Burying Her Child

I’m so confused.  It seems as though just yesterday, I was bringing him home from the hospital, bouncing him on my knee, dropping him off for his first day of school, taking him to his first little league game.  Getting on to him for smearing chocolate all over my sofa;

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07 Sep 2012

Fearless Friday: Maria Howell – One Of Hollywood’s Best Kept Secrets

We chose Maria Howell for Fearless Friday because she is possibly one of the most under-rated actresses in Hollywood, yet she has never mumbled one disgruntled word. We see her face all over film and television, yet she doesn’t always garner as much spotlight as others.  But Maria keeps pushing

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29 Aug 2012

My Heart, His Heart, Our Love: A Wife’s Journey To Trusting Her Husband

For years, I’ve been telling my husband that I don’t trust him completely with my heart.  I have held on to this “truth” for so long, that I was completely oblivious/blinded to the fact that I was holding myself back from being able to fulfill God’s purpose for me. Recently,

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31 Jul 2012

“Mom, What’s Sex?!” The Do’s and Dont’s When Talking To Your Kids About Sex

My 11 year old daughter has become increasingly inquisitive about the topic of sex. While I’m glad she’s coming to me instead of running to her friends, inside I’m screaming, “NOOOOOO! Not my baby!” After abandoning the thought of running down the street, screaming like a banshee and pulling my

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15 May 2012

I Told My Husband I Want A WIFE!

My good friend told me that her female co-worker said she wanted a wife. I was a bit confused at first, but then she broke it down for me and it made perfect sense. A wife (traditionally speaking) is supposed to: Cook (breakfast, lunch & dinner) Clean (the whole house,

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24 Apr 2012

She’s My Husband’s Mistress

Were my eyes deceiving me?  Was this my husband ravishing this woman’s body?  The passion between him and this woman was ridiculously off the charts. I had not seen that much longing and lusting in his eyes since the first years of our relationship.  The lovemaking was intense.  I couldn’t

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26 Mar 2012

My Piece Of The P.I.E. Ensuring My Career Growth And Success (Part 3)

Our last two articles provided great information on your PERFORMANCE and IMAGE and their importance in your career growth and success. The last piece of the P.I.E. is EXPOSURE. It’s all about who you know…WRONG! It’s all about who knows you. I know Michelle Obama; she has no idea I

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20 Mar 2012

My Piece Of The P.I.E. Ensuring My Career Growth And Success (Part 2)

Last week, we talked about the importance of your job PERFORMANCE in your career growth. This week, we’re discussing your IMAGE. Image is about so much more than what you’re wearing. It consists of how you: 1. Look 2. Sound 3. Act YOUR LOOK You never get a second chance

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15 Mar 2012

My Piece Of The P.I.E. Ensuring My Career Growth and Success (Part I)

Usually I write about my personal life, but that is only one facet of being a well rounded Wife, Mother and Career Maven!!  I’ve decided to share some insights into what I’ve learned as a professional. Many new managers believe that all they need to do to be successful and

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30 Dec 2011

Lessons Learned From My Husband

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot from my husband.  Some things took longer for me to give him credit for than others.  Here are a few of my favorite lessons. 1. God will always be first in our lives, our family and our home.  I luv the fact that

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12 Sep 2011

She Was My Best Friend

She was my best friend for 12 years.  We were so close that we could finish each other’s sentences and know what the other was thinking before it was spoken.  And then things began to change… I couldn’t share everything with her like I had in years past.  I couldn’t talk about

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05 Sep 2011

That’s Not My Role!

In our Facebook group, The Conversation…Continued (TCC), there have been some interesting debates about “traditional roles” in the male/female relationship.  Admittedly, I sit back with my husband and have a hearty laugh at some of the thoughts that have been shared. On the other hand, I wonder if we’re missing

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20 Aug 2011

Stay Out Of Grown Folk’s Business!

Wendy Williams say’s it often on her talk show during “Ask Wendy”, “Stay out of grown folk’s business!” I was sitting in the DFW airport waiting on yet another delayed American Airlines flight when I decided to listen in on the conversation the lady two seats down from me (don’t

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16 Aug 2011

Preserving Their Innocence

When my oldest was 8 years old, she asked to wear some earrings that she received in birthday party goodie bag to church.  The earrings were cute, but I did not find them to be appropriate for an 8 year old. I told her she could wear them in the

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28 Jul 2011

Where The Hell Am I??

I wrote this piece on October 10, 2010.  It was at a time when I was at a major crossroads and was trying to figure out “Why?” At 36, this is not where I thought I would be.  Funny thing is, I’m not in a bad place: married 10 years;

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16 Jul 2011

Private Party For 1

I love the chorus of India Arie’s “Private Party” from her album “Testimony: Vol. 1, Life & Relationship”: I’m having a private party Ain’t no body here but me, my angels, and my guitar singin’ baby look how far we’ve come here I’m havin’ a private party Learning how to

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