13 Sep 2012

4 Things You SHOULDN’T Consider When Choosing A Mate

Love is an uncontrollable feeling that overwhelms your mental stability. When people fall in love whether it be with another person, an animal, or a material item, your body gets weak, you have jitters, and your mind is completely consumed on that one thing or one person. Love has no

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27 Jul 2012

Do CHIVALRY and KANYE Go In The Same Sentence?

Recently paparazzi snapped photos of Kim Kardashian pumping gas while boyfriend Kanye West waited in the car (the Lamborghini that SHE bought him).  Some have said that she was being a good woman and catering to her man, others have said, and i quote “dang Kanye is a pimp”. Hmmm

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12 Jul 2012

5 Types of Men that scream: I’M SCORNED!!!!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a scorned man…lucky me right?  It was very little pleasure in this encounter,  but it did however make me think, “ Are scorned men worst than a heartbroken woman?” A little background…I met him at a party of an ex boyfriend, which we’ll

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