26 Nov 2014

Let’s Talk About Black Relationships

Blackloveforum.com is a website dedicated to Black love and healthy Black relationships. We have spent our entire existence trying to help others to get to a healthier place in their lives. Whether that be emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually or financially. It has been a great premise for years and an

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30 Oct 2014

An Awakened Mindset

If you haven’t been watching lately, you may not know that Black love and Black relationships are supposed to be in an overall state of decline. If you have been watching, you already know that Black love and relationships aren’t the only things in decline. The deterioration of the family

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28 Apr 2014

Have We Become Racially Ambivalent?

By now most of you have heard the nearly nine minute long taped recording of Donald Sterling giving an emotional and racist rant to his side chick that was reported by TMZ earlier last week. In it he states that he does not want her bringing black people to his

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19 Feb 2014

The Truth About Side Pieces

Being that Valentine’s Day just passed and for the past two weeks I have seen and heard a constant barrage of information about “side chicks”, I felt it was rightfully time for a man to actually speak out about side pieces. Now sit still and hold on tight because what

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22 Jun 2012

10 Success Tips Learned By Watching The NBA

In addition to being a player, I have associated with the game for more than 30 years and after watching the NBA Finals last night I got to wondering what lessons from The NBA could be applied to everyday life.  While my mind was racing, subconsciously I had already formulated

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25 Apr 2012

If That’s Not Your Name, Then Don’t Answer To It!

Well, I want to let everyone know that there may be offensive words in this post. If you are offended by blunt truth, words that you possibly already use regularly and the reality of what is said, this post will certainly offend you. But, I have to talk about this

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23 Mar 2012

Trayvon Martin Is Everywhere

By now you should have read, seen or heard the sad story of the case of Trayvon Martin. The African American teenager who looked much younger than he was, who was shot and killed by a neighborhood watch man (who should NOT have been armed) that claimed Trayvon was armed

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02 Mar 2012

20 Ways To Be Happier In Life

I have often been accused of being eternally happy. Ironically I am usually called this by the same folks that call me rude or mean. I have no idea what that is about, but if it works for them then so be it. However, I recently began to wonder, what

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31 Jan 2012

Be A Damn Man

There has been so much debate going on lately in our group (The Conversation Continued) and in other groups, blogs and magazines about the shortage of good men. In fact, studies have been done that outline in numbers where available Black men are, how many are in interracial relationships, how

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27 Dec 2011

The Black Man’s List Of The 10 Sexiest Women Of All Time

DISCLAIMER: This article is not meant to objectify women in anyway. It is simply a rebuttal opinion poll based upon the fact that we brothers feel that our sisters were not accurately represented  and that we as men were not polled correctly.  All national publications do some form of this

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20 Dec 2011

Take Responsibility For Your Actions

A few weeks back while having a lively discussion in The Conversation Continues (TCC) it was stated that often times African-Americans want to fall back on racial issues as the reason why we are a certain way without ever accepting responsibility for anything. That got me to thinking; what things

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02 Dec 2011

The Failed Experiment

Being that I only have 600 words maximum to say this in, I have to jump right into it. Ladies, being an independent woman has failed you miserably. Yes, you have proven that you can take care of a household. Yes, you have gotten jobs that some men could only

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14 Nov 2011

How Deeply Did You Look?

I remember when my daughter was several years younger she would always mention to me that she felt that I was not dating the right type of woman for who she saw me as being.  Her comment was that I tended to date big women when in her eyes I

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11 Nov 2011

The Way Things Used to Be

It’s funny. Sometimes we get so comfortable in how things are or how they have become that we forget how things used to be.  More so, we tend to forget that some of the things that we used to do were actually quite productive. We as a nation and as

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19 Oct 2011

Stay In Your Lane

As a person who has been driving for over 20 years I have often found myself blowing my horn at drivers on either side of me in these Houston streets who happen to be drifting over into my lane. Usually the horn is followed by me yelling out “stay in

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07 Oct 2011

An Open Letter to Women

Dear Lovely Woman, I know that you have been working very hard lately and I pray that this letter finds you in great emotional, spiritual and physical health. I have been watching you both up close and from afar. In fact, I have watched you and many of your lady

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04 Oct 2011

Learn From Your Elders

Recently I read a wonderful story about how a married couple came to be together.  Both the husband and wife were refreshingly very open in telling me how they ended up as a couple.  During the course of the husband telling his version I asked him if his wife was

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29 Sep 2011

Welcome to the Garage Sale

Recently a new friend of mine told me that she loves attending garage sales. Being that I do not know her all that well, I had no idea. Of course, looking at her apartment, one would never know if any of that at one time was someone elses because she

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13 Sep 2011

What Is Your Relationship ROI?

Recently I was a part of a discussion that centered on what people wanted as well as what people were willing to accept and give. It was based upon the notion that not everyone really knows what they want, but that those that actually do know are sometimes jaded due

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06 Sep 2011

Sex Partners vs Friends with Benefits

I recently took part in a lively discussion centered around the topic of sex which in essence began as a general question as to what it meant when a man tells his ex that he will continue to sleep with her even if she gets with someone else.  It was

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29 Aug 2011

The Harsh Realities of a Grown Azz Man (pt.3)

Once again, I am back with yet some more of the things that as a Black man, I witness and deal with on a daily basis. For those of you that follow me, you all will remember that I have previously written using this same title about Black men being

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23 Aug 2011

15 Things Every Young Man Should Know

Recently in our Facebook Group: The Conversation…Continued, we were discussing whether or not we should include discussions about children into our forum. On top of that, we also were talking about the issues that men and women face in relationships and what books and other things have helped us to

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13 Aug 2011

Richard’s Room: Finale (pt.4 of 4)

I’m just saying, you could do better Tell me have you heard that lately I’m just saying you could do better And I’ll start hating, only if you make me Now we are making our one and only plea. Basically it is a man saying that she could have done

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12 Aug 2011

Richard’s Room (pt.3 of 4)

I think I’m addicted to naked pictures And sittin talking bout bitches That we almost had I don’t think I’m conscious of making monsters Outta women that I sponsor till it all goes bad But shit it’s all good We threw a party, yeh we threw a party Bitches came

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11 Aug 2011

Richard’s Room (pt. 2 of 4)

The fact that the song goes on to say “f-ck that nigga that you love so bad” is not us as men hating on the other dude. Hell, we salute him for figuring out what we could not; but when a man is hurt, he rarely cries, but what we

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