26 Sep 2012

Love by KNIGHT: Tattooed by Love…A Wedding Story [PHOTO BLOG]

I remember the first time Kristie and Tre’ walked into my studio. Their energy was vibrant. Kristie’s smile and Tre’s style is what was most attractive to me. When I held out my hand to shake Kristie’s, she gave me a hug instead. I thought to myself, “This is going

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19 Jun 2012

Incredibly Close: The Day I Photographed The President…[PHOTO BLOG]

Last week I had the esteemed privilege to photograph President Barack Obama’s arrival to New York on Air Force One and his departure on Marine One. I put my camera down only once to shake his hand. It was an honor to meet the President in person and intriguing to

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09 May 2012

Love By KNIGHT: We’re Having A Baby [PHOTO BLOG]

Its year number 4 of our marriage (March 9th) and we’re adding another member to our family to make the tally four. We’re thankful that God has blessed us with this opportunity to be parents. Brandi and I have elected not to find out whether its a boy or a

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