11 Jun 2012

His Style Matters: Foundation-Belts

Belts (like socks) are on the lower end of a man’s priority list, something we don’t put as much thought into as we maybe should. But, if you care about dressing, then you’ll need a few different belts to suit any occasion.  They’re also one of the most understated, yet personal,

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07 May 2012

His Style Matters: Foundation – Pants

Here’s where the pant meets the man. Even though we all wish we had the physique of a professional athlete, most of us fall short. But that shouldn’t stop you from looking good—even great. Know what fits you well and complements your body type. Wearing shapeless, baggy pants doesn’t do

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13 Apr 2012

His Style Matters: Foundation-Socks

It’s time to knock your SOCKS OFF! Fashion socks are socks that sticks out from the traditional dress socks; black, grey or blue socks. Fashion socks are usually more creative with checkered patterns, stripes or other combinations. Fashion socks can be worn in accompaniment to dress shoes, sneakers and are

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14 Mar 2012

His Style Matters: Foundation Shoes

  Style Matters to me because I know you get one time to make a great first impression. In making that great first impression you should start with your shoes. It is the foundation of your look. As boys, we are taught that masculinity and a concern for style are

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