24 Sep 2012

Just Like Me… FINALLY Natural Hair Dolls That Make Us Proud!

Little girls love their dolls.  Whenever I used to receive a doll as a child, the first thing I did was play with her hair.  I’d brush, comb, and practically envy the long blonde or black silky hair that was attached to my usually creamy complexioned Barbie doll. I remember

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06 Sep 2012

Black Biz Feature: Diamond Girlz Salon & Spa…A Special Place For The Little Diva In Your Life!

Do you have a little girl in your life who loves to be pampered and loves to play dress up? A princess who gets into makeup as often as she can and relishes in getting her “hair done, nails done…everything did?” Wouldn’t it be great to take her to a

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05 Apr 2012

I Just Don’t LIKE You Right Now!

He’s your knight in shining armor; she’s your angel and queen to be. You’ve been basking in each other’s bliss and nothing can take you away from those love-tinted shades you’ve been wearing. That is until…. you start tap dancing on each other’s nerves! He snores She sounds like a

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13 Mar 2012

Falling In Love Ain’t Shhhhut Yo Mouth! Somebody Please Talk To Me About How To Stay There

“People grow apart, people change… All of these people running around here jumping, hopping, skipping, diving, falling in love…falling in love ain’t sh*t. Somebody talk to me PLEASE about how to stay there. Do I love my wife? Hell yes. Is she here? Hell no.” This is an interesting dialogue

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