24 Oct 2012

ADVICE: Liking Someone New, But Still Loving Someone Old…

Dear Coach, Help me!  I am in a situation that I have no clue what to do.  I’ve been seeing someone for about 4 weeks, and I like them, but my heart is still with someone else.  I thought I was doing the right thing by moving on, but I

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09 Oct 2012

Long Distance Relationship Advice: 3 Tips to Making (and Keeping) the Connection

Distance makes the heart grow fonder…or yonder.  When dealing with the dating phenomenon of a long distance relationship (or, LDR, for short), there are a few things to be considered.  A personal fan of the LDR myself, I have heard and experienced firsthand the pros and cons of such a

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17 Jun 2012

She Told You She Was CRAZY! 3 Questions You Should Have Asked Yourself

She was the finest chic in the spot…a dime piece, if you will. Dressed to the nines, even wearing “red bottoms,” you just couldn’t stop looking, err…staring. Intimidating as she was, you stepped to her, ready to impress her by actually buying her a drink, and walking away (instead of

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31 May 2012

Sis 2 Sis: 3 Reasons To Get a Little Kinky?

In the last few years, numerous sistas have moved from being silky, smooth, to kinky, curly, and wavy. Most of us who have taken the “natural” plunge (including me) are more than okay with it. However, our “unruly” locks have become a notable topic of discussion…especially for single sistas. It seems

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22 May 2012

What Your Friends Won’t Tell You, But I Will: 4 Reasons Why You Are Single

1. You’re too “picky.” Unfortunately, this may be code for being shallow or having low self-esteem.  Picky people often want someone who makes their stock go up.  I am not talking about having standards, I am talking about the type of narcissism that Marcus had in the movie Boomerang (remember

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10 May 2012

“Think Like A Man” (Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Can’t)

The first time I wrote about this farce of a philosophy, I was nice. Now, it’s time to be real about this new movement that has swept the literary airwaves and has most recently landed on the silver screen to the tune of $33 million….in it’s first week! Are you

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17 Apr 2012

The Elephant In The (Dating) Room: (pt. 4)-Love

Aaaaah Love! Everybody wants it, some find it, but even fewer keep it. In fact, love is not really an elephant in the room, because usually, when people love each other, you know it. They demonstrate it at every opportunity. It’s evident in their speech and their treatment of each

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13 Apr 2012

The Elephant In The (Dating) Room: (pt. 3)-Communication

I often tweet the following statement, “it’s really a big deal if your significant other doesn’t communicate with you.”  And it is. A lack of communication quickly becomes an elephant that can quickly destroy any relationship. While there may be no malicious intent on the part of the non-communicating party, failing

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10 Apr 2012

The Elephant In The (Dating) Room: (pt. 2)- Commitment

Well, let’s not waste any time…let’s deal with another big elephant, “commitment.” There was a time when we could all just assume that we’re in a committed relationship. You remember the days, when you could slip the object of your desire a note that read, “Do you like me? Yes…No…Maybe.

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05 Apr 2012

The Elephants in the (Dating) Room: (pt. 1) – S…E…X!

  Leave it to me to start things off with a four-part series, huh?  Oh well…hello Lovies! Let’s jump right in…  Courtesy of dating in the twenty-first century, we might find ourselves asking questions. If any of you were like myself, most of those questions are only asked in the

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