07 Jun 2013

Girl Guide: 5 Ways To Keep It On and Poppin’ in a Relationship

The safety and security of a marriage or LTR (long term relationship) is a double edged sword. While it is great to have a comfort level and not have to be red carpet ready at all times with your mate, it’s not so cool to let your sex life crash

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05 Jun 2013

4 Things You Should NEVER Say to Your Man

Your man needs you.  After a long day of work, he needs you to listen. When he is unsure of the next move to make, he looks to you for sound advice. And, when he doesn’t feel like he is on his A+ game, he needs you to be his

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04 Jun 2013

Now Is All We Have

We all tend to forget the power of the present moment. Instead of focusing on and appreciating the gift of today, we allow the negative past to creep into our minds. Every time we give power to negativity, we become our own worst enemy. How can we be prevalent and

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20 May 2013

Us Against The World: 3 Types of People To Keep Out of Your Relationship Drama

People love drama. They don’t care if it’s on a reality show, Facebook, or in the cubicle next to them! There is nothing more addictive than observing and commentating on other’s misfortunes. As much as we all try to front like we are “drama free”, every one of us can’t

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02 May 2013

The Curious Case of Blue Ivy

People are fascinated by celebrity babies. From the moment a famous mom announces she is pregnant, all eyes are glued to her growing “baby bump” (I hate that term) for several months until she gives birth. Once the child arrives, paparazzi and fan obsession with rich offspring kicks into high

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30 Apr 2013

Keep Calm And…: 4 Ways To De-Stress Your Life

If any of you are on Facebook, I am sure you have seen at least one of the “Keep Calm” messages. “Keep Calm its Scandal Thursday” “Keep Calm and Love Life” “Keep Calm and (insert ridiculous phrase here)” However, in real life, keeping calm is easier Facebooked or Tweeted than

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