29 May 2012

Oh SNAP! The Condom Broke!

“Oh #@%! The condom broke!” a phrase you never want to hear during the midst of sex play! Talking about a mood killer! What?! The penis immediately goes south, the once plentiful flowing waters of the vagina instantly dry up like a barren desert and the look of anxiety replaces

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18 Apr 2012

Let Your Fingers Do The Talking In 3 Easy Steps

Our sense of Touch is one of the most essential senses of life! It is one of the best ways to communicate your feelings, especially towards your Beloved. It’s like an intimate conversation between you and your Beloved without ever saying a word. The right touch in the right way

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02 Apr 2012

One, Two, Threesome! Ménage a trois, Anyone? (Part 2)

With enticing benefits like those mentioned in part one, you might be thinking why not, I’m all the way in! However, keep in mind that sex between two people can be tricky enough. Now just imagine, adding a third person to the mix and how this may open the door

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29 Mar 2012

One, Two, Threesome! Ménage a trois, Anyone? (Part 1)

Imagine your favorite dessert (cake, ice cream, pie, etc.) garnished with your favorite tasty topping and served to you just the way you like it! Sounds delicious right? But, what happens when this insatiable treat of paradise turns from an image of delight into a real life disaster? What steps

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12 Mar 2012

Operation Sex Toy

With so many sex toys available, it can be difficult to choose one that’s right for you. So where does one begin? Rather you’re a sex toy enthusiast or novice, the important thing to remember when choosing a toy is your purpose for buying it. For the more seasoned sex

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14 Dec 2011

Twelve Naughty Days Of Christmas

Santa Baby has been making his list and checking it twice to find out if you have been naughty or nice! Well, let him know this year you definitely plan on being naughty! Here are some surefire tips that are guaranteed to spark up more than your fireplace for your

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27 Oct 2011

Loving Yourself First!

Strong, independent, nurturer, caregiver, wife, mother, sister, adult, employee, co-worker and the list goes on! Oh yes! We have rightfully earned the title of superwoman because we have the uncanny ability to meet all the demands, from others, that have been place on our lives.  However in doing so, we

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20 Oct 2011

From Behind: Anal Play Can Be Enjoyable

My boyfriend has been asking to me have anal sex with him.  I would like to try it but I am really nervous. I have never done it before so I would like to know the easiest way to try anal sex with the least amount of pain. Can you

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15 Oct 2011

Fetish versus Fantasy

Q. Dear TaMara As a sex coach what can you tell me about this?  My fetish is imaging my husband having sex with another female even though I could not imagine it happening in reality. I am wondering if I should ignore it or what should I do about it?

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27 Sep 2011

What’s Your Fetish?

Does the site of a pair of sexy stilettos give a “sensual” yet familiar tingle throughout your body from head to toe? Does the smell of latex give you what can call only described as an “uncontrollable” urge to be naughty? Does the stroke or thought of fur against your

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19 Sep 2011

Who Wears the Pants?!

Have we as women embraced the phrase “independent woman” so much that we have forgotten and/or lost the womanly art of femininity. In our conquest to becoming independent we have gotten so use to stepping up, taking the lead, competing and even being the “head” of the household that we

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15 Sep 2011

Walking In Heels That Don’t Fit!

What woman can’t appreciate a gorgeous pair of brand new heels! **sigh**  I know I certainly can! But what happens when you try on those beautiful shoes and they just don’t seem to fit quite right. No matter how much you squeeze, stretch or inch your foot, they just don’t fit. And

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09 Sep 2011

Role Play: The Dominatrix

Do you want to bring your lover to their knees! You want to leave them breathless and yearning for more! Are you ready for a night of pure, unbridled pleasure? If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, then it’s time for you to take control of the situation

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02 Sep 2011

The G-Spot Journey

So what exactly is this G-Spot and how do you find it? Applauds and credit is due to German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg who first hypothesized its existence in 1950. The G-spot is a network of blood vessels, nerve endings and soft tissue that is located on the about two inches

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26 Aug 2011

Normal, Freaky or Kinky?!

“What is Freaky or Kinky Sex?”  This is a question I get asked this question all the time during my workshops; “What is freaky or kinky sex?” My answer is always, whatever two consenting adults decide to do sexually to provide themselves with pure, unadulterated pleasure is not only between

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09 Aug 2011

Sacred Sexuality: The Essence of Tantra

Sacred sexuality goes far beyond the bedroom, by helping partners open fully to each other in trust and love through all facets of their relationship creating a space for spiritual growth and personal awareness. And as you learn to open to yourself to the path of love, you naturally open

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03 Aug 2011

Why You Should Invest in Sexy Lingerie!

So it’s your anniversary, your Beloveds birthday, Valentine’s Day or some other special occasion and you’re shopping for the most fabulous piece of sexy lingerie you can find to help end your fantastic evening with a BIG Bang – no pun intended. Stocking, stilettos, camis, babydolls, corsets and teddies help

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