04 Dec 2012

Tony’s Tips: The ABC’s To Get Your Man To Handle Anything

Obviously there are huge differences between men and women when it comes to communicating and handling issues.  Most men, including me, just don’t want to talk about things that we know will cause discord. Yeah, we understand that avoidance really won’t resolve the issue, but we hope our girl will

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14 Nov 2012

Are You A Prime Time Quarter Back or Punt Return Man?

I know, you are probably wondering what kind of question is that as QB is the most valuable position on the team. QB’s are the star of the team, they are usually paid the most, lead the men in the huddle on and off the field, and whenever the ball

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12 Oct 2012

Picture This…She Was Actually Made For You!!

Men, ever seen a woman and thought, “I wonder what she would look like with out her clothes on”? If her looks and style took you to that place you have already skipped over her inner qualities and blown away the reason why she was actually created for you. I

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04 Oct 2012

Man Down or Man Up? What’s a Husband To Do When Jobs Aren’t Coming Through!

Ever been told “ Due to downsizing we are going to need to let you go”, or “The company is going in a new direction and your services are no longer needed”? Your heart races and you wonder what next. How am I going to tell my wife and family?

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