27 Feb 2013

Delicious Dating: Online Love – Is Your Relationship Real Or Fake? [VIDEO]

Women often fall for texting, e-mailing, or Skyping with a man thinking that it’s a real relationship. Dating and relating happens in person.

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05 Feb 2013

Barack & Michelle, Beyonce & JayZ: Stop Idolizing Other People’s Relationships? [VIDEO]

We look at other people’s relationships from the outside and think we know them.  But in all honesty we have no idea what happens within the confines of the connection.  We should focus on creating a relationship that works for you!

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08 Jan 2013

Delicious Dating: Set Your Dating Intention in 2013 [VIDEO]

Set your intentions in dating by clarifying what you are looking for upfront, however it may not be necessary to communicate that right away.

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14 Dec 2012

Delicious Dating: Are You Giving Your Man Too Much? [VIDEO]

This video is all about giving to your man in proper proportion to where you are in the relationship. That means not paying his rent or bills and you haven’t even made a commitment yet. Best, Trenia

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27 Nov 2012

Delicious Dating: How To Handle Meeting The Family Of Your New Boo [VIDEO]

We are well into Holiday Season and its how time we discussed an awkward situation.  How do you handle meeting the family and friends of your new boo? Trenia P.  lends her expertise.  

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12 Nov 2012

Delicious Dating: Have Black Women Turned Their Backs On Love? [VIDEO]

Trenia Parham urges Black women to heal themselves in a way that makes them open to love again.

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19 Oct 2012

Delicious Dating: Can Big Girls Get a Man? [VIDEO]

Can a big girl get a man? Does she have significantly fewer choices?  Trenia Parham speaks candidly about Curvy Girl Dating! ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Trenia Parham is a dating coach, entrepreneur, speaker, writer and seminar leader and creator of the Delicious Dating Mastery Program. FollowTrenia on Twitter

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02 Oct 2012

Delicious Dating Tips: No Such Thing As ‘Man Stealing’ [VIDEO]

When a person decides to stray or leave the relationship, its not the other person’s fault!  Women often blame the other woman if their man cheats or leaves the relationship. But he’s the one who should be held responsible. Previous Video Blog “Setting up an online dating profile‘. ABOUT THE

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17 Sep 2012

Delicious Dating Tips: How To Create An Effective Online Dating Profile [VIDEO]

If you have ever had an online dating profile that seemed to not attract what you were looking for, then this video is for you.  If you have NEVER tried online dating and you are considering setting up your first profile, see this clip first! ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Trenia Parham

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