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Love, Health & Happiness: Black Love Meets Black Health

How much do you consider your health when it comes to your love life?  Often we think about our health physically, but not mentally and emotionally, when our physical, mental AND emotional health can ALL have a significant impact on our love.

As Black lovers (and I mean that in every sense of the phrase), we have unique and intense needs for both our health and our love.  Why?  We are still battling on a number of fronts disproportionate to other populations, with both our physical health (chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension) and our mental and emotional health (resolving the legacy of 400 years of stress, mistrust and cultural misunderstanding).  These battles leave us conflicted – on one hand, needing/wanting/craving that soldier/ride-or-die partner-in-crime/soul mate that we can love, respect and trust to stand by us in battle; on the other hand, afraid/worried/wary of creating another opponent and fighting more battles in love/at home.

What’s the answer?  Winning the battle and becoming as healthy as we can, bringing HEALTHY to BLACK LOVE!

If you are interested in the whats, whys and hows of healthy Black Love, you’ve come to the right place – the Love, Health & Happiness blog of Black Love Forum!  I hope to hear from you with your questions and stories on, challenges with, experiences and successes in the rocky and important relationship between Black health and Black love.  There is so much to talk about and so much fun to have in the process.

Committing to your health is an important part of what you do to show love for yourself.  And isn’t self-love the first step in achieving and obtaining a love relationship with someone else?  One of my favorite movie lines (from “The Ugly Truth”) is “If you don’t wanna have sex with you, then why would [anybody]?”  Of course, the same concept applies to much more than just sex.  In other words, if you don’t want to love yourself, then why would someone else?

What is Black health or, more politically incorrectly put, how can you be healthy AND Black?  These are the most important things I would suggest you remember about being healthy and Black.

–          Your health includes your physical, mental AND emotional well-being.  For most Blacks, all of these parts of you take a beating on a daily basis.

–          Your health = (the quality of people and places you are surrounded by) * (what you think and believe when surrounded by those people and places)

–          As human beings, we are PERFECTLY IMPERFECT.  The Black experience is as varied and diverse as the shades of Black skin color.  Achieving health is about acknowledging, accepting, understanding and embracing your individual experience and the strengths and challenges it has created for you.

–          Healthy is NOT about being happy all of the time with everything about yourself (in fact, I would seriously worry about someone like that).  Healthy is being able to focus on your positive qualities most of the time.  (HINT:  Those are probably the things that everyone else loves about you too.)

–          Healthy/Fit is also not about being skinny, especially for Black folks (yes, that means there are skinny, unhealthy people).  Like your experience as a Black person, healthy looks different (physically) for you than someone else.

–          Healthy love begins by expecting of others what you give to yourself: unconditional love, trust and respect.

–          Healthy is sexy and attractive as hell!

Ready to get your HEALTHY…BLACK…LOVE…on?  Let’s get started!

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Tanya Leake

Tanya Leake

Tanya Leake is the founder of The Sensual Movement. A program dedicated to the healthier, happier woman through fulfillment and re/discovery of feminine joy, health and overall well being.