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Blogger Bio: Roderick Middleton(Ballad of a Bachelor)

R. Middleton is a Scorpatarian love child of all things creative. An Art Institute of Atlanta Alumni, poet, writer, artist, mad scientist, graphic designer, creative analyst, mechanic, carpenter, part-time super hero on Tuesdays and Saturdays, too loyal, as calm and concentrated as a midnight breeze in the face of adversity, intelligent hood freshly debuting the world of blogging and the glue amongst many a friends, family and associates. How did he do it? He cloned himself in “99. He started writing at an early age by request of his grandmother as a tool for anger management. Since then it has evolved into what you are reading right now. He is currently residing in his home town of Macon, GA. He has been involved in all sorts of none sense that completely disqualifies him of an opinion. But for some reason we have him as a blogger documenting everyday observations, thoughts and ideas that will hopefully help our beloved healers.

Rod is funny at times, and he seems to be quite analytical and has a way with words. We will let you be the judge. He has been involved with all sorts of creative projects including films, murals, restoration and being friends with people that he probably should have cut off years ago. Yes he is writing this in the third person so that it will seem like someone else is writing it and he will not come across as an egotistical asshole, but he has a feeling it’s probably too late. He’s really not (according to him). Roderick is now thinking Oh Well and is hoping that does not censor him too much, cause he has a lot to say and a direction equivalent to a set of 3 year old ADHD quintuplets at Chucky cheese on free icecream and cake day. But you get it and I vow you will be entertained and hopefully enlightened for better or worse. Hang on and stay tuned, the rabbit hole begins here.


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BLF Staff Writer

BLF Staff Writer