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Blogger Bio: Tai Davis (Mind Funk Times 21)

Tai Davis is a career banking professional turned writer/entrepreneur. After nearly 20 years in the banking industry, she decided to change careers entirely and do something she loves. Having received a Six Sigma Green Belt certification and worked in Process Engineering, Ms. Davis naturally observes from an analytical perspective. She brings her investigative mind to Black Love Forum in an effort to uncover some of the buried causes of ailments that plaque the African American community.  Just recently she published her first book of poetry titled, “Mind Funk Times 21” which focuses on relationships, love and emotional well being. She believes that all of these elements suffer due to residual anger each population carries. Once we begin to address the source of the anger, then we can begin to effectively come to resolution. She has decided to focus on personal development and relationships within the African American community.

Tai Davis’ interest in studying the African American community first peaked in high school with a black history course. It impacted her so much that she decided to go on to college to pursue a dual degree in Black Studies and Urban Development. Her goal was to find ways to improve the experience for her community even then. Tai’s earliest form of expression of her concerns for the African American community came in the form of poetry and short stories. At a young age, she discovered her parents were getting a divorce so she sat down and wrote a poem about it and has been writing ever since. Now Ms. Davis finds herself a divorcee and over 40. Tai has written for “The Black Voice/Carta Boricua”, “Nubian Chronicles” and her own blog. A New Jersey native, Tai has been a resident of Atlanta for 15 years. She is also the parent of a 20 year old son, Omari.

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