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Brown Sugar: Intimacy Tips For Him!

1. Are you too quick to get to her end zone? Most women find this irritating. Going straight to her hot spot, with too much force, can hurt and bring arousal down a notch. Caresses will tease her into ecstasy.

2. When it’s over…. it’s NOT over.  Don’t rush off and make a pot of coffee or start chatting about work.  Take the time to hold each other. Trace fingers along the skin and express how good it feels to be around them. This reinforces the first tip: that she is not a sex object. Such sayings as “wham bam…” were derived from this very example of rushing to move on to another task once the orgasms have been achieved. Slow down and show appreciation.

3. Hot Spots.  Hey, what happened to finding the triggers that get her excited? The neck and bottom are extremely erotic. Trails of kisses up the inner thighs will have her eager with anticipation. Kiss her on the back of the knees, the inside of the wrist, and down the spine and lower back.

4. Kiss More!  Kissing and cuddling can make temperatures rise and she will be more receptive to your advances.  Too often guys neglect the kissing while entangled and miss the opportunity to connect. Over 90% of women questioned on this topic have complained they are not kissed enough.


Titinya Shaheed is an Intimacy Expert and founder of  Brown Sugar Parties. She helps enhance your sex life by providing you with up to date knowledge about new and popular products.  Website | Facebook | Twitter

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