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A Mother’s Greatest Fear and Deepest Pain: Burying Her Child

I’m so confused.  It seems as though just yesterday, I was bringing him home from the hospital, bouncing him on my knee, dropping him off for his first day of school, taking him to his first little league game.  Getting on to him for smearing chocolate all over my sofa; seeing the smile on his face when he made the basketball team; watching him walk across the stage to get his high school diploma; going off to college, truly becoming a man.  Never could I have imagined that just a few short years later, he would be taken from me in less time than the blink of an eye.  And I would have to make arrangements to bury my only child.

Burying a child is something no parent should have to do.  Children are supposed to bury their parent’s, not the other way around.  Unfortunately, things don’t always go the way we plan them.  What is thought to be the natural progression of life sometimes takes a detour; has some bumps in the road and the order gets mixed up.  I can’t begin to imagine how you pick up the pieces, even think about taking another breath, living another moment, knowing that you will never be able to hold your child again, to kiss them, to hug them, to  wipe away their tears and tell them it’s going to be ok because Mommie’s here.

Today, my Sister in Christ laid her son to rest. The heaviness of my heart for her is so overwhelming.  The will of a mother to choose to live after losing her child has to be extremely strong and amazing.  I’m deeply convinced that nothing but the comfort of the Lord can get you through such a tragic loss.  I pray for that “peace beyond understanding”  that’s talked about in the bible; that comfort that only God can provide; I pray for these for my Sister and her mother.

Normally, I provide some steps to help you work through problems and issues that arise in your life.  I don’t have any steps for a situation like this.  Just hold on to God and your faith; cling to your family during this time.  There are no steps that would ever get a mother to a place where she’s ok with having buried her child.

In Loving Memory of William F. Trimble, III.

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Mairo Akpose-Simpson

Mairo Akpose-Simpson

Mairo has been married for 11 years to Allen Simpson. They have two beautiful girls: Alana 10 and Alexis 7. She is a God fearing, wife, mother, sister and friend who defied the odds and proved to many that statistics are just numbers.