For all the Spring, Summer and Fall internship opportunities, please send a resume/CV, dates of availability, location preference and letter of interest to Be sure to put INTERNSHIP in the SUBJECT line.



For all positions below, please send writing samples to

Columnist – (Weekly Commitment)

This is an ongoing and indefinite commitment to a weekly column.  Because you will be given your own brand, you must commit to submitting 4-6 posts monthly in order to maintain it.  You may post as many as 8 posts monthly. You can also promote your blog around the internet with the “I’m a blogger on BLF” badge. YOUR efforts combined with those of BLF will make our joint venture a success.

Contributing Blogger – (Monthly Commitment)

If you want to contribute to BLF monthly then we invite you to be a contributing blogger.  You must commit to 8-12 articles annually.  Currently we do not offer singular opportunities.

All bloggers will be allowed to link to their own website, Twitter and Facebook pages.   Content written by bloggers is the intellectual property of its author, not BLF.  However, once posted on our site, it can only be removed at the discretion of BLF Staff.  BLF does reserve the right to distribute the content under its brand with or without consulting the author.  Distribution channels include YouTube, Facebook, Print Publications, etc.  Authors will ALWAYS be credited for their work. BLF does not and will not claim ownership of content submitted by bloggers.

Staff Writers (Assigned Topics)

Our staff writers will be assigned topics and stories that are conceived specifically to drive traffic to the site.  Topics are chosen based on the ideas and concepts of the staff or readers.  You must be able to commit to completing at least 2-4 posts monthly.  Staff Writers may also be Guest Bloggers.

Syndicated Blogger/ Columnist

If you have an active blog in existence, we would be interested in syndicating some of your content.  You can choose to be a Guest Blogger or a Column Blogger (see guidelines above).  Your content must tie in to black love and relationships (ex: dating, marriage, personal growth, communication, finances etc).

We appreciate your interest.