04 May 2015

The Season Of My Life!

This article is the continuation of a series of articles from guest bloggers as they chronicle their journeys in life. The series will include journeys in health and wellness, life and love, happiness, poverty to prosperity and many others. This is the second article from our first guest blogger: Staci Cash from

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25 Mar 2015

Understanding Turbulence

This article begins a series of articles from guest bloggers as they chronicle their journeys in life. The series will include journeys in health and wellness, life and love, happiness, poverty to prosperity and many others.  Our first guest blogger is Staci Cash from Houston, TX as she “sets the

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18 Mar 2015

Our 5 Favorite Inspirations From New York Fashion Week 2015

Now that the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City (#NYFW) has taken down their elaborate runways and fashion connoisseurs have jetted back home, let’s take a look back at several moments that gave us so much life this year:   Naomi Campbell slaying in Zac Posen. Naomi Campbell is the

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08 Jan 2015

BLF Fashion: Interview with Marissa Kendrick, Founder and CEO of Deleay Lashay

Many in the fashion industry ask and get asked: what’s in a name? Actually, a lot. If you have a brand you have the opportunity to make it greater than average by creating art and making impact in your sphere of influence and beyond. At the age of 25, Gary,

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25 Mar 2014

Join Us For #TheSoulMan Twitter Viewing Party Wed. 3/26/14 10PM EST

TV is better when you’re watching with friends! We’ll prove it this Wednesday when we host a Twitter Viewing Party to celebrate the “LIVE” season 3 premiere of one of our favorite sitcoms, The Soul Man. Not only is this episode being shown “LIVE” but there will also be appearances

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27 Feb 2014

Black Herstory: The Radical Self Expression Manifesto

Here’s a confession: I’m a talker.  I mean a bonafide, “gee whiz does she ever shut up” chatterbox.  My whole life I’ve been tortured and punished for not having an ounce of control when it comes to this motor mouth of mine.  Fast forward a few decades, and who would

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11 Feb 2014

Top 10 Relationship Do-overs (From The Matchmaking DUO)

 Kelli Fisher (left) and Tana Gilmore (right) are Professional Matchmakers based in Charlotte, North Carolina Have you ever had a fleeting thought of that special someone from the past and instantly wished you had a time capsule?  Was there a specific memory that made you wish you could have one more chance

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09 Jul 2012

Top 5 Reasons Why He Won’t Put A Ring On It!…Survey Says

While hanging out one Friday night with the ladies, we broke out into conversation about why men won’t put a ring on it. After dishing out our views, we noticed a pattern; women are overexerting their role and allowing the term “wifey” to replace “wife”.  Some of the ladies came

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11 Apr 2012

Comedienne Valencia Wilson on ‘Weaves’ [VIDEO]

When you hear the words Birmingham, Alabama, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Well, for us here at Laughalujah when we hear it, we think of  Valencia Wilson aka Mrs. V. She’s a mother of 7 kids, a minister and an incredibly funny comedienne. We captured her

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02 Mar 2012

20 Ways To Be Happier In Life

I have often been accused of being eternally happy. Ironically I am usually called this by the same folks that call me rude or mean. I have no idea what that is about, but if it works for them then so be it. However, I recently began to wonder, what

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10 Feb 2012

Macy’s Celebrates Black History Month With Romare Bearden Exhibit [EVENT]

Macy’s and the Romare Bearden Foundation Last week I got a personal invitation from my dear friends Lamar & Ronnie Tyler (founders of BlackAndMarriedWithKids.com) to an exhibition of classic art by renowned artist Romare Bearden. The Black History Month Centennial Celebration kicked off at Macy’s yesterday at stores around the country including the  Lenox

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07 Feb 2012

Music To My Ears

My 6-year old son recently started taking piano lessons … something I have been wanting to do for a good portion of my life.  Because of his lessons, I am now pushing myself to learn and retain the basics of music theory.  For those of you that know music theory,

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06 Feb 2012

Therapist Or Life Coach? Knowing Which One To Choose And How

How do you know which one to choose? Is a therapist the same as a life coach? The answer is no, there is a difference between the two. I will explain the difference and help you understand how to choose one. A life coach is more appropriate when you are

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05 Sep 2011

Let’s Have Intercourse!

After playing an interactive game at an adult house party, I was one of the lucky winners who walked away with two hefty prize bags filled with goodies. As I fished through my bags to view the contents, I came across a book entitled, ‘365 Things Every Couple Should Know‘

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