29 Mar 2013

5 Steps To Break Up With An Angry, Insecure Man

If you have ever been in a situation where you wanted to break it off with a man who is angry and insecure, you know how hard it can be.  You might be in that situation right now.  Women often wonder how they found themselves in a relationship with a

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12 Sep 2012

How To Save Your Marriage In 10 Steps Or Less

Our focus here at Black Love Forum is to give our audience the tools to create healthy and long lasting relationships, this includes marriages.  I’m particularly an avid supporter in this area, and I wanted to share some information that my expertise has given me.  If you implement some or

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07 Jun 2012

“Letting Go for Good!” 8 Tips To Gain Closure

There is nothing more unattractive than someone who visibly carries their baggage!  Having a past is one thing but not knowing when to cut the cord and let it go for good can harm your future relationships.  Experience is always the best teacher and a very good friend of mine

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24 May 2012

The First Wives Club: 8 Tips To Get You Through Your Separation

After reading the article on Rohan Marley’s engagement to this Brazilian model I am totally poignant for Lauryn Hill.  I’m sure we all remember their depressing break-up and how she went from being the an uplifting rapper/singer/actress to singing sad disheartening love songs and shedding tears during her interviews. Granted

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27 Jan 2012

Dating During Divorce – What Are the Rules?

Lots of divorces get filed in January each year. The unhappy couples tough it out during the holidays, just so they (a) aren’t alone, or (b) don’t have to put up with all of the drama from friends and family. But, now that you have filed for divorce, what are the rules for dating?

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17 Jan 2012

5 Tips To Help You Live With Your Ex In The Same House

Could you continue to live with your ex if the relationship was over? Many couples are choosing this option in these troubled times as they are so entwined financially. What kind of tips could be offered to make this time bearable for both of these ex partners? Read on…

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10 Jan 2012

Coping With Divorce and Depression – Learn to Fight It

Many things can trigger depression. Divorce happens to be one of them. Feelings of regret, isolation, cheating and suicide are common for a person who struggles to adapt to life without a partner. Coping with divorce and depression is not easy, learn to fight it.

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02 Jan 2012

Marriage – Divorce – Separation – How to Handle the Split Loyalties with Friends After Separation

We have all most probably encountered it at some stage in our lives – who do we stay friends with after a couple divorces or separates? Here we explore some of the main issues involved & explain a simple framework for handling the situation with your divorcing or separating friend.

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28 Dec 2011

Child-Focused Custody – Putting Down the Boxing Gloves

When child custody becomes a battle, everyone loses. Parents are pitted against each other and innocent children inevitably pay the price. With child-centered divorce parents learn to put their perspectives where it really belongs – on their children. The result? Everyone in the family benefits, in the months ahead … and for years to come.

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17 Nov 2011

The Heart Moves On – Using Ceremony to Mark the End of a Relationship

Marking the end of a marriage or long-term relationship with a ceremony can aid healing and allow you to view that relationship in a positive light. But beware – the wrong celebrant or the wrong approach could do more harm than good.

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16 Nov 2011

Getting A Divorce – Are You Really Ready For Divorce?

It feels like I don’t love him anymore. And maybe so does he. Maybe this is the time to end all of this. You might be thinking like that, but as long as you still have the words ‘like’ and ‘maybe’, you are not ready for divorce.

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10 Nov 2011

Dealing With Divorce – Avoid Divorce and Fix Your Marital Problems Instantly

Dealing with divorce is one of the most difficult phases in one’s life that needs couple of times to think about. It’s a very serious matter that’s why considering all the circumstances first before getting into it completely. Many couples of today end up with divorce for many reasons.

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17 Oct 2011

Is it Safe to Date a Woman Whose Divorce Isn’t Final Yet?

As a man, the one thing you hopefully have already begun to realize about your relationships with women is that nothing is guaranteed, especially when you start dealing with all of the emotional baggage that most people bring into the relationship. In this article we are going to talk about seeing or dating a woman who is still married but the divorce should be complete anytime now.

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15 Oct 2011

Unplugging From Your Ex-Spouse

Have you ever been emotionally triggered and hijacked by something your ex said or did? Have you ever been emotionally triggered and hijacked by something your ex didn’t say or do?

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27 Sep 2011

Divorce Court is No Place For Divorce

Divorcing parties will either agree to an out-of-court settlement as to “who will get what in the divorce,” or they will run the full gambit of the legal system and a trial judge will decide this for them. This article separates myth from reality. It gives those who are unable to settle their divorces a candid look at what they can expect at the finish line. First, please consider this question: When was the last time you heard anyone say a good thing about the divorce legal system?

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12 Sep 2011

Common Causes of Divorce

There are many reasons why people want a divorce. It could be easy to put a reason for the sake of supporting a divorce petition. In reality though, there may be hundreds of unique reasons why certain couples just want out. Sometimes, there is more that just one reason.

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07 Sep 2011

Divorce Is a Symptom

Divorce is a symptom not a disease. Divorce is created by the effect of an underlying cause. Divorce requires open heart surgery, not a sticky plaster.

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30 Aug 2011

His Babies’ Mamas….

Well ya’ll, I finally met him…Mr. Right. He loves God, family, and me. He loves me for who I am-good and bad. He is sociable and gets along with others. He is employed with wonderful benefits. He has wonderful problem solving skills. He is down to earth and he wants

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25 Aug 2011

No Instructions Needed

Sharing custody, weekend visitation, and extended holidays with the non custodial parent and their significant other can present challenges. Things such as transportation, medication, alteration of child’s normal activities are a few things that come to mind.. The custodial parent might add more stress to the transition by issuing orders

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24 Aug 2011

Jerks of Divorce

Jerks can be experienced physically, as well as emotionally. The word is also used to describe a person who acts in self-serving ways. Learn how to stop your jerks of divorce.

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19 Aug 2011

How to Divorce Guide – It’s Your Divorce

It takes a brave person to admit when they’re wrong. It takes a courageous person to be humble. It takes a strong person to have compassion. It takes a loving person to let go. No, this isn’t going to get soppy!

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13 Aug 2011

10 More Tips About Going Through Separation

Separation is never an easy time for a couple or a family. It is therefore important for you to remind yourself of a few things from time to time.

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