19 Feb 2014

The Truth About Side Pieces

Being that Valentine’s Day just passed and for the past two weeks I have seen and heard a constant barrage of information about “side chicks”, I felt it was rightfully time for a man to actually speak out about side pieces. Now sit still and hold on tight because what

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28 May 2013

3 Things That Win a Woman Over Every Time

News flash to all single men out there: You do not have to be the hot, good-looking guy to win over a beautiful woman!  As a matchmaker and dating coach, I have interviewed thousands of single women and, believe it or not, women are actually much less superficial when it

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15 Mar 2013

Why My Wife’s Support Translates To Respect

“A man wants to be respected; a woman wants to be loved.” How many times have we heard this?  Implicit in the statement’s reasoning is men and women need two separate things to function well in relationships.  I can’t speak on what feeds a woman’s need to be loved.  I

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05 Feb 2013

Top 20 Most Successful Lies Guys Tell (Includes The ‘Ain’t Sh**’ Translation)

Lying is like a man’s native language. We come straight out the womb speaking it fluently. Before we can even pronounce Mama or Dadda, we use our body language to tell our lies. While some of us grow out of it(partially), there are some who don’t care to venture from our

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31 Jan 2013

Women Who Make The First Move Are….

…usually women who see what they want, and go after it. There’s this misconception being spread by a particular relationship expert(I won’t call names), that women who make the first move are thirsty and selling themselves short. She, like a lot of women, don’t understand why a man might not be

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10 Jan 2013

Boom Or Bust: Relationship Communication From A Male Perspective

I know it’s important for spouses to know how to speak to each other.  As a man, it’s important because we need to let our wives know we value them, but that we also see the need for communication in our marriage.  BUT…there are times when words are spoken that

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14 Nov 2012

Are You A Prime Time Quarter Back or Punt Return Man?

I know, you are probably wondering what kind of question is that as QB is the most valuable position on the team. QB’s are the star of the team, they are usually paid the most, lead the men in the huddle on and off the field, and whenever the ball

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27 Sep 2012

Contrary To Popular Beliefs…PLEASE Think Like A Lady (A Man’s Perspective)

I am grateful that women generations before us did not think like men.  Could you imagine what life would have been like for so many children and families if women thought it was OK to abandon their children and neglect their families?  Both historically and currently women are leading in

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20 Sep 2012

100 Words Or Less: No Call, No Show WTH!

What happened to the days when Men used to show up strong, proud, and dependable?  Like when you say you are going to do something and then DON’T…but that doesn’t bother me as much as when you CHOOSE not communicate the Change. AM I NOT worthy of your dialogue?  Was

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12 Sep 2012

5 Ways To Define Love In Your Relationship

Love??? What the hell is that? The Bible tells you there are three different kinds of love. The dictionary, depending on which one you choose, has a bunch of different definitions. They can’t even decide if it’s a noun, verb, or an adjective. And with all that, you with your

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04 Sep 2012

Hold On To Your Nuts: 8 Ways To Show Her You’re ‘THE MAN’

Ok fellas, I know this generation is predominately for “Independent women” (which is not a bad thing); however because of this many men are losing their significance and many relationships are losing balance.  Being the man in the relationship is more than paying for the tab, putting it down in

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04 Sep 2012

100 Words Or Less: I’m Rooting For The Fellas, But This Is Some UN-SEXY Shhhh

100 Words Or Less is ‘straight talk’ micro blog. ENJOY! Fellas, I promise you on everything I Love I am cheering for you but please, learn the difference between a Lady and a Whore.  I DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT find it sexy when you say with great intensity “I

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24 Aug 2012

Nope, He Won’t Leave Her: Sad Lies Men Tell The Other Woman

He doesn’t really love her. He’s just there because of the kids. He’s about to leave her because she can’t give him what you can. Look at all the lies they keep telling, but who is telling them? In the beginning it’s him telling the lies to her, and eventually

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27 Jul 2012

Emotional Baggage: Don’t Open A New Door Until The Old One Is Shut

By the time I met her I had placed all my fears aside. I’d finally healed completely, and unpacked my emotional baggage. She told me about her past and all the things she had gone through. It seemed like she had unpacked as well, but things aren’t always what they

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17 Jun 2012

She Told You She Was CRAZY! 3 Questions You Should Have Asked Yourself

She was the finest chic in the spot…a dime piece, if you will. Dressed to the nines, even wearing “red bottoms,” you just couldn’t stop looking, err…staring. Intimidating as she was, you stepped to her, ready to impress her by actually buying her a drink, and walking away (instead of

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14 Jun 2012

4 Brothers Share: “What My Father Taught Me About Being A Man” (Father’s Day Tribute)

It’s almost Father’s Day and most of us are geared up to toast the men that are responsible for making us who we are.  We thought this would be a perfect time to reach out to the Brothers in the BLF community and find out how their Father’s influenced them

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11 Jun 2012

His Style Matters: Foundation-Belts

Belts (like socks) are on the lower end of a man’s priority list, something we don’t put as much thought into as we maybe should. But, if you care about dressing, then you’ll need a few different belts to suit any occasion.  They’re also one of the most understated, yet personal,

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29 May 2012

Oh SNAP! The Condom Broke!

“Oh #@%! The condom broke!” a phrase you never want to hear during the midst of sex play! Talking about a mood killer! What?! The penis immediately goes south, the once plentiful flowing waters of the vagina instantly dry up like a barren desert and the look of anxiety replaces

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08 May 2012

My NOT So Shameful Little Secret

Who was he??!! Who was the first fool that said real men don’t have feelings? I want to meet this jerk. Oh so now he’s SUPERHUMAN or something? Knock it off please! Jesus wept; Superman had kryptonite and Lois Lane, hell even the Tin Man cried with no heart. Please

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07 May 2012

His Style Matters: Foundation – Pants

Here’s where the pant meets the man. Even though we all wish we had the physique of a professional athlete, most of us fall short. But that shouldn’t stop you from looking good—even great. Know what fits you well and complements your body type. Wearing shapeless, baggy pants doesn’t do

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01 May 2012

One Black Man Looking For A Wife – Are There Others? [VIDEO]

Black Love Forum is proud to be a sponsor for the “I Need a Wife” tour.  The tour is inspired by the book  “I Need a Wife …Where are the REAL Women” from bestselling author Jack A. Daniels.  Mr. Stay Out of Your Own Way is an author, speaker, transition

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26 Apr 2012

That’s That Bull…ish!

Years, months, weeks, days, and hours go into you getting to know someone. Who they are, their likes and dis-likes. Only to find out about their REPRESENTATIVE and nothing about them. Instead of being themselves they have been who they thought you wanted them to be. And now here you

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20 Apr 2012

3 Brothers BESIDES Steve Harvey That Are Getting Paid For Love

With the release of the highly anticipated movie ‘Think Like A Man’  scheduled for Friday, April 20th, its safe to say that Steve Harvey has officially created a realtionship franchise. The film, based on Harvey’s best-selling book ‘Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man… ‘, has garnered quite a

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06 Apr 2012

Good Guy vs. Thug: And The Winner Is…

Once upon a time I was all about me. Every time I met a woman  I would let her know I was damaged and could only give her sex with no emotions. Most times I was closed off and cold, but even then they worked over-time to change me. Ironically,

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29 Mar 2012

A Perfect Relationship: The Myth

People these days are walking away from good , healthy, sound relationships looking for the perfect relationship. The irony is there is no perfect relationship!  What many don’t realize is the perfect relationship is just like the perfect church, it stops being perfect the moment you enter it. Instead of accepting that

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