15 Feb 2012

Love and Relationship Advice For Men

Women and men are completely different in the way they love, and until you accept this, it’s going to be difficult to have a relationship with the opposite sex, relationship advice for men is going to tell you that you are different, that your woman and you love in completely different ways. Research has shown that a man’s brain and a woman’s brain react differently to certain emotions. Love is one of the strongest emotions humanity can have, but a man and a woman react differently to it.

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31 Jan 2012

Be A Damn Man

There has been so much debate going on lately in our group (The Conversation Continued) and in other groups, blogs and magazines about the shortage of good men. In fact, studies have been done that outline in numbers where available Black men are, how many are in interracial relationships, how

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27 Dec 2011

The Black Man’s List Of The 10 Sexiest Women Of All Time

DISCLAIMER: This article is not meant to objectify women in anyway. It is simply a rebuttal opinion poll based upon the fact that we brothers feel that our sisters were not accurately represented  and that we as men were not polled correctly.  All national publications do some form of this

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20 Dec 2011

Take Responsibility For Your Actions

A few weeks back while having a lively discussion in The Conversation Continues (TCC) it was stated that often times African-Americans want to fall back on racial issues as the reason why we are a certain way without ever accepting responsibility for anything. That got me to thinking; what things

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08 Dec 2011

You Can’t Change Her, You Have To Embrace Her

So today I am talking to a good male friend of mine. He mentions that he recently had talks with some women about being in love and things of that nature. One of the things he took away from the conversation is that women fall in love with the men

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02 Dec 2011

The Failed Experiment

Being that I only have 600 words maximum to say this in, I have to jump right into it. Ladies, being an independent woman has failed you miserably. Yes, you have proven that you can take care of a household. Yes, you have gotten jobs that some men could only

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04 Oct 2011

Learn From Your Elders

Recently I read a wonderful story about how a married couple came to be together.  Both the husband and wife were refreshingly very open in telling me how they ended up as a couple.  During the course of the husband telling his version I asked him if his wife was

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04 Oct 2011

Of Course She’s Crazy!!!

Of course she’s crazy!!! That’s right women are freakin nuts! A majority of them have lost their mind and have lost all common sense. Why has this happened? Cause they were born that way!….Ok  I’m done venting and being over the top : ). Seriously, I do believe a lot

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26 Sep 2011

What A Strong Black Woman REALLY Needs

There are many misconceptions about STRONG black women that I would like to formally dismiss.  Granted these misconceptions were likely formed because for the last 30 years women have been thumping their chests and proclaiming independence, afflicted with the “I Don’t Need A Man Syndrome”.  As a result I wonder

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29 Aug 2011

The Harsh Realities of a Grown Azz Man (pt.3)

Once again, I am back with yet some more of the things that as a Black man, I witness and deal with on a daily basis. For those of you that follow me, you all will remember that I have previously written using this same title about Black men being

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23 Aug 2011

15 Things Every Young Man Should Know

Recently in our Facebook Group: The Conversation…Continued, we were discussing whether or not we should include discussions about children into our forum. On top of that, we also were talking about the issues that men and women face in relationships and what books and other things have helped us to

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13 Aug 2011

Richard’s Room: Finale (pt.4 of 4)

I’m just saying, you could do better Tell me have you heard that lately I’m just saying you could do better And I’ll start hating, only if you make me Now we are making our one and only plea. Basically it is a man saying that she could have done

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12 Aug 2011

Richard’s Room (pt.3 of 4)

I think I’m addicted to naked pictures And sittin talking bout bitches That we almost had I don’t think I’m conscious of making monsters Outta women that I sponsor till it all goes bad But shit it’s all good We threw a party, yeh we threw a party Bitches came

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11 Aug 2011

Richard’s Room (pt. 2 of 4)

The fact that the song goes on to say “f-ck that nigga that you love so bad” is not us as men hating on the other dude. Hell, we salute him for figuring out what we could not; but when a man is hurt, he rarely cries, but what we

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10 Aug 2011

Richard’s Room (pt.1 of 4)

After listening to Drake’s song Marvin’s Room for weeks now and going from not caring for it initially to recognizing how deep it was after the video was made; I felt it would be a great idea to break that song down in my own words from the perspective of

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02 Aug 2011

The Harsh Realities Of A Grown Azz Man. (pt.2)

Now that I have gotten your attention, I will continue by saying that Black men are also America’s Most Wanted in professional sports that truly Black folks watch, which means basketball, football and track and field. If you do not believe it, take a look at most of the rosters

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02 Aug 2011

The Harsh Realities Of A Grown Azz Man (pt.1)

This post will be the first in an on-going series based upon the hardships and realities of not only being a Black man in America, but also being a Black man in relationships. Whenever possible, I will be using information gathered from other men as well as life experiences learned

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23 Jul 2011

Stop Being The Zero Calorie Substitute: 5 Ways To Tell If He Is Stringing You Along

Have you ever dated someone and found yourself confused about the status of your relationship or the level of their commitment? And every time you attempted to clarify things you were met with a confusing commentary about ‘labels’?  Or maybe you were told, “I just don’t want to get serious

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17 Jul 2011

What Do Black Men Fear?

This week in The Conversation…Continued (TCC) we had many conversations and revelations.  Among the most exhilarating was our Tuesday Talks With Men.   The fellas of TCC showed up with complete Emotional Nudity and here is what they shared (unedited). Initial Post:  My Brothers…Let’s put some of Our FEARS out there. This

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14 Jun 2011

Black Women Aren’t Angry, They’re Just Damned TIRED!

No He Didn’t Ask Me That! This past week was crazy for me.  Between events and deadlines, I was swamped.  D id I mention that I also had to do a million things in regards to caring for my disabled father?  And of course the job of being the ‘favorite’

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