25 Sep 2012

Brown Sugar: Intimacy Tips For Him!

1. Are you too quick to get to her end zone? Most women find this irritating. Going straight to her hot spot, with too much force, can hurt and bring arousal down a notch. Caresses will tease her into ecstasy. 2. When it’s over…. it’s NOT over.  Don’t rush off and make a pot

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20 Sep 2012

Brown Sugar: Intimacy Tips For Her!

1. Sex is not all physical. It’s also about your sexuality. The flirt in you. The style of dress. The confidence you show when you tease your partner at dinner.  Be more aware of how sexual you appear outside the bedroom. 2. Don’t always leave him responsible to give you an orgasm. If

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05 Sep 2012

Brown Sugar : Body Image Hinders Intimacy

Here are this week’s intimacy tips: 1. Body image hinders intimacy. You can’t have great sex if you’re self-conscious about your body. Learn to like yourself and all your curves. 2. Sexual intimacy increases levels of the hormone oxytocin, also known as “the love hormone”, which helps people bond and

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