10 Jan 2014

Reality TV Casting Call: I Want My Ex Back [MTV – True Life]

Are you broken up with a significant other, but can’t move on? Are you regretting your breakup? Do you think this is the one that got away? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get your ex back? If you appear to be between the ages of 18

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07 Aug 2013

RIP Black Belt Jones: A Tribute To Grandmaster Jim ‘The Dragon’ Kelly

Remember the cool ass black dude from the movie Enter the Dragon with Bruce Lee?  His name was Grandmaster Jim ‘The Dragon’ Kelly and he became a legend and inspired a generation of Black men across the world. Last week I was shocked when I got an email and learned

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23 Jul 2013

INTERVIEW: Antione Dunn – Vulnerable and Unfraid

These days it seems we are witnessing a new boldness in Black men when it comes to expressing their emotions and being vulnerable.  We sat down with the soulful artist Antione Dunn to talk about just what makes him so comfortable with “feeling”. BLF: It’s been said that your music reflects

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19 Jun 2013

Black Love Has Got Soul: Watch The Season Premier of The Soul Man (6/19/13)

I can’t say that I click over to the TV Land network every time I pick up my remote.  In fact until recently, I had never bothered to find it on my TV dial.  That was until I heard rumors that Cedric the Entertainer was going to be starring in

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02 May 2013

The Curious Case of Blue Ivy

People are fascinated by celebrity babies. From the moment a famous mom announces she is pregnant, all eyes are glued to her growing “baby bump” (I hate that term) for several months until she gives birth. Once the child arrives, paparazzi and fan obsession with rich offspring kicks into high

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28 Mar 2013

SCANDAL: Why I Think ABC Made A HUGE Mistake

I always thought the phrase “cult following” was over used when it comes to television shows. But I must say that ABC’s Scandal has earned the title in spades. Its been a long time since I have been this utterly addicted to a show. In case you missed it, I’m

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28 Mar 2013

Son Honors His New Stepfather with Wedding Serenade [VIDEO]

Tell us we are not the only ones crying here!!

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26 Mar 2013

Most Shocking Blind Audition EVER: Mr. Kris Thomas Sings Whitney Houston

Season 4 of the The Voice starts out with two new judges.  Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera were replaced by Usher and Shakira, but if that wasn’t shocking enough, enter Kris Thomas.  The young silky smooth singer literally sang the hell out Saving All My Love For You by

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14 Mar 2013

Gabby Douglas Pens Second Memoir

I’m really glad Miss Gabby has found her voice and is leveraging a proven platform to project it.  Books seem are the most timeless media around, not to mention the most viral.  We tend to hold on to books and pass them from generation to generation, so what better way

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15 Dec 2012

Possibly The Best Wedding Dance EVER!! [VIDEO]

We have seen a lot of wedding dance videos, but we found this one circulating Facebook today it might just top them all.  We haven’t been able to find out who this couple is yet, but we are certainly curious to know how they came up with  a 3 and

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26 Nov 2012

Simply The Best: There Is Only ONE Tina Turner

Today is Tina Turner’s birthday!  The Queen, the myth, the legend turns 73 and her legacy still grows daily.  When I was a kid back in the 80s I was glued to MTV.  There were a handful of Black artists that would have regularly rotating videos on the air…MJ, Lionel

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16 Oct 2012

Classic Black: 7 Reasons Why Doug E. Fresh Will NEVER Get Old!

Two weeks ago, I was living ‘la vida loca’ in Las Vegas at the Blogalicious 2012 Conference.  I had a ton of fun meeting some of the best bloggers on the planet  IRL (in real life)…FINALLY!  There was no shortage of networking and furious fun!  But I must say, the

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21 Sep 2012

Another Man Will!: Essence Bestselling Author Daaimah Poole Puts Uncommitted Men On Notice

Essence® bestselling author Daaimah S. Poole serves up a saucy and sexy novel called Another Man Will, which has become an anthem for women everywhere who are putting men on notice to step up, tie up loose ends, put a ring on it and seal the deal! Thank goodness I

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17 Sep 2012

Lovetown Comes To A-Town: An Evening With Matchmaker Paul C. Brunson

Last weekend I had the pleasure of finally meeting THE Paul C. Brunson in the flesh.  I know what you are thinking WHO??!! Ok, he is the Black matchmaker dude that has that show on the Oprah Winfrey Network where him and the white chick take over a town in

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10 Sep 2012

The 10 Commandments Of Football: Do’s And Dont’s For Pigskin Season

That’s right ladies it’s that time of the year again.  You know that time when all of his attention is solely focused on the TV screen (unless it’s half time); where Sundays & Mondays become his favorite days of the week and he barely recognizes you unless you’re wearing his

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22 Aug 2012

Celebrity Photographer Derek Blanks Photographs Gabby Douglas for ESSENCE

Yesterday I got an exciting email update from my friend Derek Blanks (d. Blanks).  For those of you who aren’t in ‘the know’,  d. Blanks is a celebrity and lifestyle photographer most widely known for his infamous ‘alter-ego photos’.  Derek has photographed pretty much every major player in Black Hollywood

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20 Aug 2012

Platinum Duo Sanya Richards Ross & Hubby Aaron Land Reality TV Show

If  haven’t already heard,  Sanya Richards Ross and her strikingly handsome hubby Aaron just signed up to do a reality show for WE TV.  The network that brought you Mary Mary’s reality series is apparently very excited to bring the Ross’ on board.  Incidentally Sanya and Aaron’s wedding was featured

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17 Aug 2012

Fearless Friday: Jordin Sparks Has The Glow – Her Family, Her Love And SPARKLE

We chose Jordin Sparks for our Fearless Friday because we are very proud of the exceptional young lady she has become.  She has tackled her life and legend with zeal and passion and all the time seeming to have NO fear of failing at love or life!  Here’s to Jordin!

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14 Aug 2012

Media Hype Over Athletes Without Medals Leaves Others Disgruntled

Now that the London Olympic Games are over, we have lots of wonderful moments to reflect on.  But not everyone is happy about the way the media coverage.  NBC came under fire for the ill timed Olympic News Spoilers and the Gabby Douglas “Gymnastics Monkey” incident.   And NBC was

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06 Aug 2012

2 Olympic Sized Man-Law Violations From This Weekend

If you are like half of the world, you spent this past weekend glued to your TV watching the 2012 Olympic Games in London.  There were many many exciting moments: the historic completion of Michael Phelps’ Olympic medal collection and the epic re-crowning of the Jamaican King and Queen of

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23 Jul 2012

The New Role Models According to VIBE Magazine

Introducing the Role Models for the next generation…Well VIBE magazine seems to think so anyway.  Kandi Burress (Real Housewives of Atlanta), Tamar Braxton (Braxton Family Values), Evelyn Lozada (Basketball Wives), and  Chrissy Lampkin (formerly of Love & Hip Hop, allegedly she won’t be returning). These ladies all got a spot on

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09 Jul 2012

Gabrielle Union Dishes On How Negative Publicity Hurt Her Career [VIDEO]

Featured above is Gabrielle Union’s side of the story in this exclusive interview at Radio One Fest in Miami by T.T. Torrez. Dwyane Wade‘s divorce was very bitter and very public with his ex Siohvaughn blaming actress Gabrielle Union for their marital woes.  The rumors have swirled for years, for

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11 Jun 2012

XCLUSIVE: Actor Jeffrey Wright Talks About Balancing Career And Family [VIDEO]

Last month while attending the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference, I had a chance to interview Jeffrey Wright, one of my most favorite actors on the planet.  I’m hoping you can’t tell from the video, but I’m shaking in my boots!!  One of the most exciting days in my life…Woot Woot!!

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01 Jun 2012

The Matriarch That Inspired Generations: RIP Barbara Kydd Graves

I’m sure you can tell by all the photos I have posted around my social networks that I had the most wonderfully exciting time at the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference last week in Chicago.  But there was one very dark cloud that descended over me, it was when I was

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10 May 2012

“Think Like A Man” (Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Can’t)

The first time I wrote about this farce of a philosophy, I was nice. Now, it’s time to be real about this new movement that has swept the literary airwaves and has most recently landed on the silver screen to the tune of $33 million….in it’s first week! Are you

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