08 Jan 2015

BLF Fashion: Interview with Marissa Kendrick, Founder and CEO of Deleay Lashay

Many in the fashion industry ask and get asked: what’s in a name? Actually, a lot. If you have a brand you have the opportunity to make it greater than average by creating art and making impact in your sphere of influence and beyond. At the age of 25, Gary,

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30 Apr 2013

Keep Calm And…: 4 Ways To De-Stress Your Life

If any of you are on Facebook, I am sure you have seen at least one of the “Keep Calm” messages. “Keep Calm its Scandal Thursday” “Keep Calm and Love Life” “Keep Calm and (insert ridiculous phrase here)” However, in real life, keeping calm is easier Facebooked or Tweeted than

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22 Feb 2013

Top 10 Wedding Destinations For Black Couples

Whether you’re single or are currently seeing that special someone, there’s nothing quite like planning your future wedding. You can never be too prepared when it comes to this magical day in your life. From choosing the destination to the venue, right down to what type of food you’d like

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19 Dec 2012

Love, Health & Happiness: Got Health?

Feeling healthy?  You should be but only if you’re doing some healthy feeling.  HUH?!?  At this time of year, it’s “healthy” for your love to overflow…lots of good feelings, giving and receiving and…oh, my, get your mind out of the gutter!! No, seriously, the holidays tend to be a time

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12 Dec 2012

Teenpreneur Hustle: ‘Macon’ Jewelry With Kiki Jabri

Kianna Jabri Elam (aka KiKi) is a 13 year old entrepreneur living in Macon, Ga. The young business woman answered six questions about her life, and gave six extraordinary answers! Tell me a little about Kiki Jabri Jewels? How did it develop? -KiKi Jabri Jewels developed from a need to

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07 Dec 2012

Meet Mia Jones: Artist, College Student, and Feminist

Mia Jones-Walker is a college student with artistic greatness bridged with cerebral thinking. The 20 year old Atlanta native emanates enthusiasm many dream of. Mia balances scholastic achievement as a junior at Agnes-Scott College in Decatur, Ga with professional painting. When Mia is not hitting the books, she constructs art

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15 Nov 2012

TrendSetta: Fashion Tips For Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday has become a national retailer pastime over the years for those who work in retail and the many others who love to shop for the deals. I have been on both sides of the coin and I can still say it’s thrilling to go Black Friday Shopping. You

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03 Oct 2012

Can You Do IT Standing Up? Kenny Pugh Speaks on Making Celibacy Sexy

Celibacy is one word that makes anyone over the age of 25 and not a virgin scratch their heads about its actual meaning.  For some people, that word implies a non-existent sex life because of a non-existent love life but for others, that word means a pledge of purity from

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26 Sep 2012

Love by KNIGHT: Tattooed by Love…A Wedding Story [PHOTO BLOG]

I remember the first time Kristie and Tre’ walked into my studio. Their energy was vibrant. Kristie’s smile and Tre’s style is what was most attractive to me. When I held out my hand to shake Kristie’s, she gave me a hug instead. I thought to myself, “This is going

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31 Aug 2012

HELP! My Girlfriend Is A Slob

He saw you across the room He admired her style He anxiously waited for the 2nd date He gasped when she walked in the door He changed his loafers Now they both wear Prada She invited him to her apartment His jaw hit the floor She never saw him again!

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21 Aug 2012

GREAT XCAPES: Delta’s, A 5-Star Soul Food Experience (Charlotte, NC)

Where does the posh African American elite of Charlotte, North Carolina dine? Delta’s Restaurant in Charlotte features upscale food with southern home style touch. Our Founder Jai Stone recently dined there at the invitation of Herb & Felecia Gray (BLF 14 Most Inspiring Black Couples), and she could not stop

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31 May 2012

Sis 2 Sis: 3 Reasons To Get a Little Kinky?

In the last few years, numerous sistas have moved from being silky, smooth, to kinky, curly, and wavy. Most of us who have taken the “natural” plunge (including me) are more than okay with it. However, our “unruly” locks have become a notable topic of discussion…especially for single sistas. It seems

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21 Mar 2012

Loving YOU! Its A Lifestyle

How often do we forget as my boy Katt Williams said, “You have to take care of your star player” (lol).  How can you give yourself what you don’t have to offer? Loving yourself goes beyond treating yourself to a mani and a pedi which are all nice but we

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19 Mar 2012

GREAT XCAPES: Macon, GA – Cherry Blossom Festival

MACON, GA – If you ever take the time to chat with me, you will find out in short order that I hail from the ‘Heart of Georgia’, Macon.  I’m pretty proud of that fact because our little town has given wings to some of the world’s greatest talent.  Legends

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27 Feb 2012

Oscars 2012: Short Locks ROCK The Red Carpet

As I sat watching the Oscars last night, I took notice of Viola Davis and Robin Roberts hair almost immediately.  I don’t think I had seen a sister on the Red Carpet with short hair since Halle Berry.  And in this case Viola was also NATURAL.  WOWsers!!! A major change

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21 Jan 2012

Health Fitness Tips That Help You Stay in Shape

One of the biggest competitions of today is staying fit. It seems like people nowadays want to lose weight instantly as if there is no tomorrow or it is as if it is a passport for the general population. Losing weight and staying fit is never easy. Following health fitness tips requires a lot of behavioral changes to be able to attain the desired fitness. With modern technology and medications, weight loss treatments have sprouted everywhere like grass and weeds in a garden.

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20 Jan 2012

‘Red Tails’ Is Not a BLACK Movie – Its An AMERICAN Movie (…We Fight, WE FIGHT!!)

” From the last plane, To the last bullet, To the last minute, To the last man – we fight. WE fight! “ This will likely be one of the most memorable quotes in movie history, from the George Lucas film RED TAILS set to open in theaters today.  The

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