11 Feb 2014

14 Most Inspiring Black Couples (2014 Edition)

14 COUPLES THAT INSPIRE BLACK LOVE: A NOTE FROM BLF FOUNDER JAI STONE It’s that time of year again! Valentine’s Day is this week, but love is ALWAYS in the air here at Black Love Forum, and I think that’s because we are constantly inspired by those who love and

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26 Mar 2013

BLACK LOVE ROCKS: Married To Medicine In Real Life – Meet Dr. Damon and Dr. Heavenly Kimes

THE PROFILE: The Couple: Dr. Damon Kimes & Dr. Heavenly Kimes Location: Conyers, GA Relationship Longevity: 15 years Best advice to young couples: “We always speak positively over our lives and pray. It makes a difference.” BACKGROUND:  Dr. Heavenly Kimes owns four dental practices in metro-Atlanta (Heavenly Dental Associates).  She’s

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14 Feb 2013

14 Most Inspiring Black Couples (2013 Edition)

WE ARE STILL INSPIRED BY BLACK LOVE A NOTE FROM BLF FOUNDER, JAI STONE A few months back I saw a two-part interview where Oprah interviewed Jamie Foxx.  They were discussing happy marriages when Oprah asked Jamie if he could name 5 happily married couples.  Silently,  I raveled off 15

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01 Jan 2013

Top 10 Black Love Stories On BLF In 2012

2012 was an awesome year for Black Love. We had some awesome stories and we are really proud of Team BLF for bringing us some great inspiration for getting back to healthy Black Love. We chose the following list based on popularity, message content and relevance.  Here goes: 10. 15

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25 Oct 2012

BLACK LOVE ROCKS: An Inspiring Look At A Military Marriage – Meet Jackson & Shdonna Drumgoole

    THE PROFILE: The Couple: Jackson & ShDonna Drumgoole Location: Monterrey, California Relationship Longevity: 10 years Best advice to young couples: “Even though you have your own individuality it’s you and a partner now.” BACKGROUND:  The Drumgoole’s are a blended military family with 5 children including a set up

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27 Aug 2012

BLACK LOVE ROCKS: Meet Arthur & Ruby Lawrence – 73 Years Of Marriage, The Legacy Of A Lifetime

THE PROFILE: The Couple: Arthur & Ruby Lawrence Location: Rhode Island Relationship Longevity: 73 years Best advice to young couples: “You have to forgive no matter what he/she has done. Even though you won’t forget you must forgive.” BACKGROUND:  Due to the history and wisdom associated with this interview I

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02 Jul 2012

BLACK LOVE ROCKS: Meet Roland & Kristy Hairston (Nashville, TN)

THE PROFILE: The Couple: Roland & Kristy Hairston Location: Nashville, TN Relationship Longevity: 8 years (and counting) Best advice to couples: “When marriages fail there’s a lack of humility on one or both parts.” THE INTERVIEW: Q: What advice would you give to newly married couples? A: Roland: for the

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13 Jun 2012

BLACK LOVE ROCKS: Meet Marc & Pam Perry (Detroit, MI)

PROFILE: The Couple: Marc & Pam Perry Location: Detroit, MI Relationship Duration: 17 years Best advice to young couples: “Friendship is number one, make sure that before you even get married that you have dated for a long enough time to say that you LIKE the person and not just in LOVE with

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04 May 2012

Still Standing: A Documentary On Marriages That Survived Crisis [Review]

THE REVIEW: Last night I attended the Atlanta premier of Still Standing, a documentary featuring black couples and their stories of how their marriages survived crisis.  The film is the brain child of the power house team Lamar & Ronnie Tyler, the founders of BlackandMarriedwithKids.com.  We first mentioned the duo

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28 Apr 2012


We are always excited to support ANYTHING that promotes Black Love!  So we are super stoked to share with our audience an exciting new documentary showcasing our favorite topic.  STILL STANDING is the highly anticipated documentary by Lamar & Ronnie Tyler, the founders of the wildly popular website BlackandMarriedWithKids.com.  We

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14 Feb 2012

14 Most Inspiring Black Couples (2012 Edition)

Welcome to our very first BLF 14!  When the staff here at BlackLoveForum.com decided to spotlight Black Couples that inspire us, we first had to decide how to devise the list.  This year we decided to choose couples that lived in cities with a large African-American influence.   And if

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