04 Oct 2012

Man Down or Man Up? What’s a Husband To Do When Jobs Aren’t Coming Through!

Ever been told “ Due to downsizing we are going to need to let you go”, or “The company is going in a new direction and your services are no longer needed”? Your heart races and you wonder what next. How am I going to tell my wife and family?

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13 Sep 2012

Your Spouse Or Your Kids…Who Is Number 1?

My wife and I recently had a Parent/Principal conference at my son’s school.  And NO, he is not getting into that much trouble…we actually want him to be challenged a little more with Math.  At the conclusion of our meeting, we started discussing family and marriage and the principal mentioned

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12 Sep 2012

How To Save Your Marriage In 10 Steps Or Less

Our focus here at Black Love Forum is to give our audience the tools to create healthy and long lasting relationships, this includes marriages.  I’m particularly an avid supporter in this area, and I wanted to share some information that my expertise has given me.  If you implement some or

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05 Sep 2012

No Longer In A Cage: What Maya Angelou Taught Me About Marriage

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is the title of a highly acclaimed award winning novel by Maya Angelou. I read this book many, many years ago; however, I’ve recently been thinking about the “caged” bird & how the metaphors fit marriage. The plot of Angelo’s book explored how

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29 Aug 2012

My Heart, His Heart, Our Love: A Wife’s Journey To Trusting Her Husband

For years, I’ve been telling my husband that I don’t trust him completely with my heart.  I have held on to this “truth” for so long, that I was completely oblivious/blinded to the fact that I was holding myself back from being able to fulfill God’s purpose for me. Recently,

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27 Aug 2012

The Hardest To Love

Love Hard and Love True. This is the caption I normally end my articles with. I say this because if you love lightly or with minimal effort, the person you are trying to love may not get all the love that’s needed to stay committed in the relationship. A good

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07 Aug 2012

“MY SPACE”…Is It Important In A Marriage?

“My space”…”Me time”…”Peace and Quiet”.  How important is this in a marriage?  We all need our own space and time by ourselves in a marriage…away from the spouse…away from the kid(s).  There is nothing negative about this.  This space, however long it may be, can be a time of reflection,

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26 Jul 2012

Marriage – What is It’s Purpose?

This is a question I think many husbands and wives ask themselves a lot. I think this is a healthy question that you should always ask yourself.  Another way of phrasing the question, as stated in Tyler Perry’s blockbuster hits, “Why Did I Get Married?”.   Asking yourself this question gives

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02 Jul 2012

BLACK LOVE ROCKS: Meet Roland & Kristy Hairston (Nashville, TN)

THE PROFILE: The Couple: Roland & Kristy Hairston Location: Nashville, TN Relationship Longevity: 8 years (and counting) Best advice to couples: “When marriages fail there’s a lack of humility on one or both parts.” THE INTERVIEW: Q: What advice would you give to newly married couples? A: Roland: for the

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13 Jun 2012

BLACK LOVE ROCKS: Meet Marc & Pam Perry (Detroit, MI)

PROFILE: The Couple: Marc & Pam Perry Location: Detroit, MI Relationship Duration: 17 years Best advice to young couples: “Friendship is number one, make sure that before you even get married that you have dated for a long enough time to say that you LIKE the person and not just in LOVE with

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22 May 2012

Love Like In Love (pt.2): The Stages

Love like in-love. In a previous article I spoke of these words as an action couples should be taking to ensure love is being properly expressed and felt within the marriage.  Now I want to look at these words in a different way.  Instead of “LOVE LIKE IN-LOVE”, let’s look

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17 May 2012

Happy Blended Families Do Exist: 4 Tips for Mother/ Stepmother Harmony

Normally I don’t directly dish out personal information, but due to a recent experience I felt it was totally necessary to mentally empower my fellow readers! While sitting in the hospital with my son and his Step-mother one of the nurses walked in and began referring to her as his

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16 May 2012

Love Like In Love (pt. 1): The Action

Love like in-love. Simple? No. Challenging? Yes. Achievable? Always. Are you afraid to love your spouse? Do you know how to love your spouse? If your answers are “no” and “yes”, respectively, to these two questions, then I hope you are actively showing your spouse the love you have for

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15 May 2012

I Told My Husband I Want A WIFE!

My good friend told me that her female co-worker said she wanted a wife. I was a bit confused at first, but then she broke it down for me and it made perfect sense. A wife (traditionally speaking) is supposed to: Cook (breakfast, lunch & dinner) Clean (the whole house,

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14 May 2012

There’s No Time: 6 Suggestions for ME time

I know we all love our kids unconditionally and we would never trade them for anything…right? I hope that is the case for everyone. Nonetheless, once kids come into your world, your time is no longer yours…it’s theirs…and now you have to borrow some of your own time for you.

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09 May 2012

Love By KNIGHT: We’re Having A Baby [PHOTO BLOG]

Its year number 4 of our marriage (March 9th) and we’re adding another member to our family to make the tally four. We’re thankful that God has blessed us with this opportunity to be parents. Brandi and I have elected not to find out whether its a boy or a

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30 Apr 2012

4 Ways To Spring Clean Your Marriage

  Spring is in the air. Flowers are blooming. The sun is shining. Birds are chirping and you definitely have “the fever.” It’s that time of year to give your living quarters a facelift. From dusting and vacuuming to shampooing the carpet and rearranging furniture, many people prepare for the

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24 Apr 2012

She’s My Husband’s Mistress

Were my eyes deceiving me?  Was this my husband ravishing this woman’s body?  The passion between him and this woman was ridiculously off the charts. I had not seen that much longing and lusting in his eyes since the first years of our relationship.  The lovemaking was intense.  I couldn’t

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23 Apr 2012

Love And Money Communication – 7 Questions You Should Ask Your Mate

Statistics consistently show that money is the number one source of disagreement in the early years of marriage. In fact, it is has been shown to be one of the top three reasons as to why couples seek divorce. With statistics like this, it makes you wonder why even in

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09 Apr 2012

The 2012 Standard

I was listening to the radio some time ago and there was a segment discussing relationships between men and women searching for Mr. or Ms. Right. One of the key discussion points was that of “standards”. Are my standards to high? Are my standards to low? Many are concerned their

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05 Apr 2012

I Just Don’t LIKE You Right Now!

He’s your knight in shining armor; she’s your angel and queen to be. You’ve been basking in each other’s bliss and nothing can take you away from those love-tinted shades you’ve been wearing. That is until…. you start tap dancing on each other’s nerves! He snores She sounds like a

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22 Mar 2012

Absolutely No Drama

Many of today’s relationships involve the joining of two people that have had previous relationships in which children were conceived. As a result, issues such as child support and visitation can evolve into emotionally charged battles if misused for methods of manipulation, intimidation, or control. Such battles can create labels

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20 Mar 2012

My Piece Of The P.I.E. Ensuring My Career Growth And Success (Part 2)

Last week, we talked about the importance of your job PERFORMANCE in your career growth. This week, we’re discussing your IMAGE. Image is about so much more than what you’re wearing. It consists of how you: 1. Look 2. Sound 3. Act YOUR LOOK You never get a second chance

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15 Mar 2012

My Piece Of The P.I.E. Ensuring My Career Growth and Success (Part I)

Usually I write about my personal life, but that is only one facet of being a well rounded Wife, Mother and Career Maven!!  I’ve decided to share some insights into what I’ve learned as a professional. Many new managers believe that all they need to do to be successful and

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13 Feb 2012

Three Extras For V-Day No Money Down

It’s that time of year when you see red everywhere…V-Day aka Valentine’s Day. Many have already looked in their bank accounts to see how much money they have to spend on their mate. Some have decided to go big, while others will go lite simply with the card and flowers.

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