08 Sep 2011

There’s Nothing Perfect About It

I took a trip some time back to Colorado and I must say that I didn’t know Colorado had that much of nothing out there…almost as bad as driving from San Antonio to El Paso in Texas.  Nonetheless, as I was driving back to my hotel in Colorado Springs, I

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05 Sep 2011

That’s Not My Role!

In our Facebook group, The Conversation…Continued (TCC), there have been some interesting debates about “traditional roles” in the male/female relationship.  Admittedly, I sit back with my husband and have a hearty laugh at some of the thoughts that have been shared. On the other hand, I wonder if we’re missing

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30 Aug 2011

Don’t Discount Your Marriage

How often do you notice situations in a family member or a friend’s marriage that you feel you can provide advice on?  Or, what about when a friend or family member approaches you or your spouse asking for marital advise.  And what if this comes from a couple which has

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27 Aug 2011

Marriage: What’s Your Perception of Marriage? (pt 3 of 3)

Even though I tried, I couldn’t blame my parents’ failed marriage – or the few examples of how a man and woman were supposed to live as husband and wife as my reasons for not making it through the “for better or for worse” times. I realized afterward that I

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26 Aug 2011

Marriage: What’s Your Perception of Marriage? (pt 2 of 3)

Not only were the responses from Michael Baisden’s post stirring up strife about the state of marriage, I had also come across a report on ajc.com claiming that marriages are becoming obsolete. Again, I just knew that there had to be something wrong with the perception of living in holy

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20 Aug 2011

Stay Out Of Grown Folk’s Business!

Wendy Williams say’s it often on her talk show during “Ask Wendy”, “Stay out of grown folk’s business!” I was sitting in the DFW airport waiting on yet another delayed American Airlines flight when I decided to listen in on the conversation the lady two seats down from me (don’t

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18 Aug 2011

What The Heck Are You Thinkin Bout?

“What if I were still single?  I could be having fun like in the old college days”. “Why did I marry this man?  I could be living life by myself or with someone else”. What other thoughts do you have running through your brain?    Better yet, how often do you

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16 Aug 2011

Marriage: What Is Your Perception? (pt 1 of 3)

At the end of the school day, I dismissed my students from the classroom to go home. Like clockwork, I then reached for my iPhone4 to read the statuses of my friends on Facebook. As I scrolled down the recent updates, I came across author and radio host Michael Baisden’s

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16 Aug 2011

Preserving Their Innocence

When my oldest was 8 years old, she asked to wear some earrings that she received in birthday party goodie bag to church.  The earrings were cute, but I did not find them to be appropriate for an 8 year old. I told her she could wear them in the

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12 Aug 2011

Shooting PAR

I guess I better explain what “par” is first before I proceed … just in case you don’t know golf terminology.  Par is considered to be the number of strokes a golfer is expected to need to complete an individual hole/all holes on the golf course.  I guess with the

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09 Aug 2011

Sacred Sexuality: The Essence of Tantra

Sacred sexuality goes far beyond the bedroom, by helping partners open fully to each other in trust and love through all facets of their relationship creating a space for spiritual growth and personal awareness. And as you learn to open to yourself to the path of love, you naturally open

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04 Aug 2011

Take Care of Home

Home is where the heart is. If your heart is somewhere else, then how can you take care of what you have at home? If your heart is not at home, then where is it? When you said “I Do” on that day that you will always remember, you did

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16 Jul 2011

LOOK Like You Want It

What did you do when you first laid eyes on your spouse?  For the women, you probably just played it off as though you didn’t see him.  For the men, you probably looked and continued to look until you got some type of return look from her.  To this day

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16 Jul 2011

Private Party For 1

I love the chorus of India Arie’s “Private Party” from her album “Testimony: Vol. 1, Life & Relationship”: I’m having a private party Ain’t no body here but me, my angels, and my guitar singin’ baby look how far we’ve come here I’m havin’ a private party Learning how to

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16 Jul 2011

What 7 Year Itch?

There is a saying out there that every marriage goes through a 7 year itch during the 7th year of marriage.  I have always wondered what is the “itch” that some people supposedly encounter during this time.  Is it an itch to be with someone else romantically?  Is it an

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