12 Dec 2014

Six Steps To Gaining A Healthy Financial Relationship (Part 3)

Last Friday we discussed steps 3-4 to gaining a healthy financial relationship. Today we conclude with steps 5-6. Step 5: Establish a routine time to sit down and discuss your finances Life is full of ups and downs and changes. It is important to recognize the importance of setting up

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05 Dec 2014

Six Steps To Gaining A Healthy Financial Relationship (Part 2)

Last Friday we discussed Step 1-2 of the Six Steps to Gaining A Healthy Financial Relationship. Today, we continue with Steps 3-4. Step 3: Learn to control emotions Emotions do exist, so it is often a challenge for most to put emotions aside or at least channel them when discussing

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28 Nov 2014

Six Steps To Gaining A Healthy Financial Relationship

One of the biggest predictors of a relationship coming to a gridlock and subsequently ending in contempt is a couple not figuring out how to nurture their financial relationship. Money has been known to be associated with conflict and problems. In fact, there are many common sayings about money that

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06 Jan 2014

The Sidechick Financial Plan: Money Lessons from Olivia Pope

Let me start with a simple yet important statement.  Ladies, we are financially responsible for ourselves at every  relationship stage no matter whether you’re married, separated, single or the “side chick”. *Thoughtful Pause* I should take this opportunity to discuss how you deserve to be so much more than some

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06 Apr 2013

7 Reasons Women Should Pay For Dates

My recent post on Essence.com caused quite a kerfuffle.  Read he post in full below. If I had a nickel for every time I heard a woman say “he has to pay to play,” I would own a professional football team by now. That mindset of entitlement totally baffles me.

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13 Feb 2013

Robbing Peter To Pay Paul: 5 Tips For Money Management In Your Marriage

Some things in marriage need to be discussed on a regular basis, but a lot couples let them slide.  Household finances is one of those topics. In fact, it should be discussed even before saying “I do”, since spending habits are usually similar before and after marriage. While we don’t

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13 Jul 2012

Nip-Tuck: I’m Changing My FINANCIAL Appearance

I’m going under the knife. That’s right! I want to look and feel like money (pun intended). It’s time to make some changes to one of the most treasured areas in my life that’s directly connected to my self-esteem and livelihood: my finances. When it comes to managing my money

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26 Jun 2012

4 Ways To Know It’s Time To Talk Finances In A New Relationship

Many would probably agree that money communication is essential in any committed romantic relationship. What is not clear to many, however, is how soon you should bring up the “money” discussion when you are dating. Should you bring it up and if so when? What questions should you ask, what

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12 Jun 2012

My Wife Is A Shopaholic, HELP!

Ok Mr. YBMM (Young Black & Married Man), My wife & I are always getting into arguments, I mean ALWAYS, because she will not stop spending money! I’m like seriously, what is your problem? I think she is truly addicted to spending money. She claims a lot of time she’s

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04 Jun 2012

Financial Role Reversal: 7 Steps To Make the Power Shift Work!

Do you still buy into the old aged belief that the man should be the head of the household? What exactly does this mean in this day and time? Does it mean that the man should make more money than his female counterpart? Or does it simply mean that regardless

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18 May 2012

How To Save Your Marriage After Financial Infidelity

Financial Infidelity continues to be a major contributing factor to why many marriages fail in this country.  In fact, it is a well known fact that money problems rank among the top three issues, along with sex and kids that cause the most arguments in a marriage. Financial infidelity, also

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23 Apr 2012

Love And Money Communication – 7 Questions You Should Ask Your Mate

Statistics consistently show that money is the number one source of disagreement in the early years of marriage. In fact, it is has been shown to be one of the top three reasons as to why couples seek divorce. With statistics like this, it makes you wonder why even in

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30 Mar 2012

The Pros And Cons Of Joint And Separate Finances

So you and your partner are getting serious. The talk of marriage is in the air, however you haven’t quite decided on how to manage your finances as a couple. Should you continue to have separate accounts or join your finances? Should the idea of joining accounts even be considered

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28 Jan 2012

Bad Credit Financing For You

Real estate financing is a little trickier to find if you have bad credit, but it is in some ways easier to finance due to the collateral being the home. Some of the big considerations that are looked at when trying to get a mortgage loan with bad credit include income, home or real estate insurance that you have to purchase, how much your down payment is, and any references from past landlords that you may have.

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01 Sep 2011

Building Your Credit Correctly!

Isn’t it kind of funny how you need ID to get ID? To get a passport or driver’s license, you need a birth certificate. The same notion exists for credit. You need a credit history in order to get a good credit history. But how do you go about doing

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17 Aug 2011

How to Manage Money in Relationships…Just K.I.S.S.!

Money is the leading cause of break-ups and divorce. In a society where 59% of marriages end in divorce and breaking up is as easy as applying lipstick you have to wonder how many relationships can be saved with a little financial counseling. Here are a few things to think

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06 Aug 2011

Three Keys to Money and Relationships!

Imagine sitting side-by-side in an escrow office in Chicago feverishly signing and initialing a stack of about 120 pieces of paper. You are buying your first home! You’d pause every 10 pages or so to exchange a glance and wipe the sweat from your foreheads. Wow, this is really it.

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18 Jul 2011

My Hubby Wants “Space”, Should I Be Worried?

My husband and I have been having financial problems.  I just chalked it all up to normal marital discord.  The problem is that recently, he told me that he feels that he needs some “space”.  When I asked him what that meant, he said that he just needed some time

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16 Jul 2011

Money Tales

The old adage says that money can’t buy you happiness. Well, I say that it may not buy happiness, but it sure puts a down payment on it. When your finances are in order, you have more freedom in your relationship to love. As a wife, I’m starting to realize

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